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An Artist Has Blessed Us All By Turning This Jesus Statue Into Maggie Simpson

Good god, y'all.

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The statue sits outside Ste. Anne des Pins Roman Catholic church in Sudbury, Ontario. Jesus' head went missing last fall, according to


Paying for a new head would have costs thousands of dollars, so little Jesus has just been headless this whole time.

Local artist Heather Wise noticed the wee, headless babe and approached the church's priest, offering to craft a new one.


Mostly it's getting compared to Maggie Simpson.

⚡️ “When your baby Jesus statue looks like Maggie Simpson”

This one's more goblin-like.

Yeh I can restore the baby jesus no problem.... Wait. mean he wasn't a goblin?

But in a year as fucking strange as 2016, perhaps we need a savior that's equally fucking strange.

This was an actual attempt to restore a vandalized Baby Jesus statue in Canada, and it pretty much sums up how 2016…

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