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    A Newfoundland Guy Made A Tiny, Twee Pub For Birds Because Newfoundland

    Visitors can't stop tweeting about it.

    The hottest club in St. John's, Newfoundland isn't on the famed George Street strip. It's in Elling Lien's backyard.

    Elling Lien / Via

    Lien is the creator of Junco's Pub, an adorable, miniature bar made just for birds.

    It has every tiny detail a tiny pub needs, including a Coke machine, itty-bitty bar stools, a dartboard and Newfoundland-inspired decor. A screen on the back wall plays old black-and-white movies and displays karaoke lyrics.

    Lien told BuzzFeed Canada he was inspired by a live stream from Norwegian public broadcaster NRK of a bird feeder made to look like a Scandinavian cafe.

    A year ago, when he realized the cafe wasn't making a return, Lien felt he "needed something to fill that anthropomorphizing hole in my heart."

    "I would watch it all the time, just leave the window open on my computer, and whenever there was a bird that came on screen it was super exciting," Lien said, via email.

    "But, like, It was just a bird feeder. But putting them in that café made their behaviour relatable, like it was a soap opera, like they were characters in this really bizarre, silent television show."

    The pub has a set of regular visitors, like this unruly blue jay who knocked over a barstool.

    Elling Lien / Via

    The pub gets its name from the dark-eyed junco, another species that makes up the cliental, including one he's named Junco Bob.

    There's even some romance in the air as Bob has started brining around a female junco.

    "It's absolutely doomed to fail, like most bar romances, but they seem like they're having fun for the time being," said Lien.

    Lien set up a 24-hour live stream of Junco's Pub so you can watch all day long.

    View this video on YouTube

    And in case you need another reason to watch: "There are plans for a karaoke night in the works," said Lien.

    "Seriously. It's gonna be super fun."

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