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A Cat Spent Four Days Stuck In A B.C. Tree Until A Hero Got Her Down

The Tale of Tweak, The Stubborn.

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This is Tweak, a Vancouver Island cat who decided life in the ground just wasn't cutting it anymore.

According to CTV, Tweak climbed into a 100-foot tall tree in Black Creek, B.C. on Saturday. And there she stayed, mewing occasionally as she gazed down at CTV's Gord Kurbis.

"Tweak" the cat awaiting rescue in Black Creek after being stuck high in a neighbour's tree since Saturday

The Oyster River Fire Dept. attempted a rescue on Monday, but Tweak just scuttled further up the tree and and "way beyond what we can reach safely," the fire chief said.

Cat rescue also isn't a typical activity for the fire department, but they made an exception since their ladder was tall enough to reach Tweak's position.

"If it's something we can do safely we will, but otherwise that's not in our scope of practice," fire chief Bruce Green told BuzzFeed Canada.

Tuesday came and, desperate for help, a friend of the owner took to a local Facebook group with a promise of a case of beer or bottle of rye to whoever can get the "poor fluffy ball of fur" out of the tree.


A would-be hero/tree faller emerged. He scaled the fir but, after tempting Tweak with treats, the cat got spooked and climbed even higher in the tree.

The latest on attempts to rescue "Tweak" from atop a Black Creek tree tonite at 11 on @CTVNewsVI with @CTVNewsCheryl

Like, very high. Then she jumped to another tree.

Tweak has now climbed to the very top of the Black Creek tree, so far eluding rescue


Come Wednesday things were looking dire for dear ol' Tweak, who had now gone four days without proper food, water or belly rubs.

On Wednesday, another champion approached: Steve Wood of Budget Tree Services. Ser Wood, we'll call him.

Another attempt to rescue Tweak now underway

Armed with both bravery and a fashionable nautical-inspired tote bag, Ser Wood scaled the tree.

Ser Wood, an experienced rescuer of tree-bound cats, told BuzzFeed Canada that after scaling the tree he spent some time getting to know Tweak.

"The cat was really petrified when I first got there. If you're patient they get to trust you and once they're kind of in your arms or on your chest they start purring," said Ser Wood.

"Eventually the cat crawled onto my shoulders and I introduced it to the cat bag very slowly."

With Tweak secured, Ser Wood repelled back down to her family.

And so ends our tale of a stubborn feline, a community compelled to heroism via beer and one chivalrous man who saved the day.

Tweak is now safely back on the ground. Rescue footage tonight at 11 on @CTVNewsVi

Lauren Strapagiel is a reporter for BuzzFeed News and is based in Toronto, Canada.

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