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Workplace Bathroom Etiquette

Disclaimer: This post is a bit frank. When you spend eight hours in any one place, nature is bound to call at some point or another; and though you may not be in the comfort of your own home, you should still be comfortable! Bathroom talk is considered taboo, and any avoid addressing the issue of courtesy and etiquette in a public restroom setting. Whether you need a personal reminder or you need to share this with that one coworker who struggles with proper potty use, these basic, simple rules are guaranteed to help to make the most of everyone’s bathroom experience while at the office!

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Rule #1: Leave a Clean Seat. Whether it be a bit of urine or just flushing water, it is safe to say no one likes to see or sit on a wet toilet seat. To avoid this problem, the considerate thing to do when you finish your personal business is to wipe down the seat. Just a few squares of toilet paper and a swift swipe around will prevent the next user from having to deal with a wet seat. To simplify the process, use sanitary toilet seat covers. But be sure the cover makes it into the bowl when you are ready to flush.

Rule #2: Wipe Down the Counter. Before we cover wiping down countertops, it is important to stress the general rule of washing your hands. As a kindness to lessen the spread of germs, lather your hands for a brief twenty seconds and rinse under warm water. Be mindful of any water you may have accidentally splashed and, use the towel that was used to dry your hands, wipe around the sink to leave a dry, tidy surface. Then, be sure to put that towel in the trash receptacle.

Rule #3: Mind Your Manners. Be patient if you have to wait for a fellow employee already occupying the bathroom. An initial knock is appropriate, but no more – no one wants to feel rushed in their time of privacy. If you are in a space with more than one stall in a bathroom, rather than pushing the door to see if that particular stall is occupied, look under the door to see if there are any signs of it being taken. If there are feet on the floor, move to the next door!

Following these three, easy fundamentals of potty etiquette will ensure a better bathroom experience, wherever you may be when you have to… you know.

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