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Tell Us What Unexpected Sandwich Combo You Actually Love To Eat

Adding potato chips is only the beginning.

There's nothing in this world quite like a sandwich, is there?


Lemon gets it.

And one of the best things about sandwiches is that you can put literally anything you want in there.!

Hell, you can even try to cram literally everything you want in there.

Sure there are your safe bets: your BLTs, your turkey clubs, your Reubens...

Jeffkearney / Getty Images

💤 😴 💤 laaaaame.

But we all know the best things in life are the weirdest, and the same goes for sammies!

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So we wanna know: What's your most unexpected sandwich combo that is actually delicious?

Buzz Bishop / Via

No one's here to judge.

Do you love peanut butter and pickles? Or add Flaming Hot Cheetos to everything? Maybe you firmly believe in the marriage of tomatoes and mayonnaise.

Whatever the combo, tell us in the comments below for a chance to be featured in an upcoming BuzzFeed Community post!

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The weirder the better!