This Artist Makes The Perfect Jewelry For People Obsessed With Plants

    Grow a flower in your necklace!

    Thanks to ATL-based designer and artist Colleen Jordan, you can now bring a fashionable mini garden anywhere you go with her "Wearable Planters."

    Each planter is 3D printed out of nylon and then dyed individually.

    They're sealed with acrylic varnish, so they'll stay bright and colorful even if you get them wet!

    Each piece comes with the seeds and instructions to effortlessly grow the plant, so you get to put your green thumb to work.

    Most of the planters are designed with a flat bottom, so you can decorate your desk or shelves when you're not busy wearing them.

    Feel free to also decorate your bike!

    Way cooler than a lame old boutonniere.

    You can buy the teeny planters at Jordan's Etsy shop or her website. And check out her other designs on her gorgeous Instagram.

    h/t ThisIsColossal