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    This Artist Makes The Perfect Jewelry For People Obsessed With Plants

    Grow a flower in your necklace!

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    Thanks to ATL-based designer and artist Colleen Jordan, you can now bring a fashionable mini garden anywhere you go with her "Wearable Planters."

    Each planter is 3D printed out of nylon and then dyed individually.

    Colleen Jordan / Via

    They're sealed with acrylic varnish, so they'll stay bright and colorful even if you get them wet!

    Colleen Jordan / Via

    Each piece comes with the seeds and instructions to effortlessly grow the plant, so you get to put your green thumb to work.

    Colleen Jordan / Via

    Most of the planters are designed with a flat bottom, so you can decorate your desk or shelves when you're not busy wearing them.

    Feel free to also decorate your bike!

    Colleen Jordan / Via

    Way cooler than a lame old boutonniere.

    You can buy the teeny planters at Jordan's Etsy shop or her website. And check out her other designs on her gorgeous Instagram.

    h/t ThisIsColossal