21 People Whose Makeup Game Is On Point

    Never apply eyeliner while half-asleep.

    1. Contour game on point.

    2. What, you've never heard of a "dramatic eye?"

    3. We thought remover was meant to, ya know, remove.

    4. Let's just call it "animal print."

    5. She just wants to be the very best, like no one ever was.

    6. It's very...abstract.


    8. Srsly, eyeliner is the devil.

    9. Just highlighting her best features is all.

    10. Just steer clear of glitter. Period.

    11. SO CLOSE.

    12. Those are some next-level eyebrows.

    13. Like you haven't mistaken your nostrils for your eyelashes.

    14. A more deliberate take on contouring.

    15. Yeah, but now you can't even see the bags under her eyes!

    16. So you've heard of highlighting, but how about shadowing?

    17. You can't even ask for help.

    18. We mustache you a few questions about this one.

    19. A good friend will ruin their makeup with you.

    20. A best friend will ruin your makeup for you.

    21. Subtlety is overrated.