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    31 Beech Tree Forests To See Before You Die

    Go live in the woods? Beech I might.

    1. Native to Europe, Asia, and North America, beech trees are some of the gnarliest, toughest, and most beautiful trees on the planet.

    2. I mean, obviously.

    3. Just look at this living artwork.

    4. Some might even call them show-offs.

    5. They're just not afraid to stand out.

    6. They even upstage Cedric Diggory in Harry Potter And The Goblet Of Fire.

    Ashridge Forest, England. It's also the oldest tree in this 5,000 acre forest.

    7. They're also super loyal: Look how they stick together!

    8. But they know when to give you your space, too.

    9. They can handle the cold.

    10. They actually think winter is kind of beautiful.

    11. They just don't let it get to them, ya know?

    12. They're full of mystery.

    13. And they're not afraid to walk their own path.

    14. So some people find them a little intimidating.

    15. And yeah, they can come on a little strong.

    16. But they're so warm and inviting!

    17. They embrace all shapes and colors. Like these stumpy copper beeches?

    18. And these tall, slender beeches? Best buds.

    19. They lean in close so you know they're paying attention when you speak.

    20. They're just so grounded.

    21. Seriously, they've got some Tolkien-worthy roots.

    22. Which explains why beeches compose The Hobbit's elven forest of Mirkwood.

    23. They know when to let others shine.

    24. They're super proud of their scars.

    25. And they don't worry about the parts of them that droop a little.

    26. They just have a really positive body image in general.

    27. They love families.

    28. And they look out for the little guy.

    29. They know there's strength in numbers.

    30. But really value the intimacy of close relationships.

    31. Beeches: Your new favorite tree.