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What Would REALLY Happen If Jay-Z And Beyonce Split

Rumors are flying about our favorite couple. While we refuse to believe them, we have to wonder, what would happen if....

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There would be vandelism calling for love.

Surely if they break up, they can get back together!

Blue Ivy would create music so glorious you wouldn't be able to listen to it.

All of that talent in her blood plus a tragic life event? Forget about it!

Jay-Z would probably retire.

And then come out of retirement. Then maybe retire again.

Beyonce would become even more loved than she already is.

People would praise such a strong, independent woman taking care of her family post marital bliss.

Treasured monuments would fall.

After all, their love was what was holding them up.

We would enter the next ice age.

Their love was all that was keeping us warm.

All cats would lose their hair.

We are talking science here.

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