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    7 Australian Remixes That You Need To Hear

    The ABC News Theme Song remixed? You can't NOT hear that

    1. The ABC News Remix by Pendulum

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    Hard rock/electronic band Pendulum formed in Perth in 2002. When they remixed the classic ABC News theme in 2010, it was so popular it ranked number 11 in the Triple J Hottest 100.

    2. We are Australian by Lo Tel

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    A classic Australian song, remixed and sang by a classic Australian band. Seriously, whatever happened to Lo Tel?

    3. The Bananas in Pajamas Dance Mix

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    This was a remix made by the ABC in 1994.

    The Teddies wear sparkly gangster outfits and B2 says "Come on B1, it's dancing time!"

    4. Beds Are Burning DJ Remix

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    In 2009 DJ Mike T remixed the classic Midnight Oil hit Beds are Burning. I wonder if we could get Peter Garret to dance to this version?

    5. Round the Twist Drums and Bass Remix

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    Every 80s and 90s kid remembers Round the Twist. A series of books turned into a classic TV show where the actors for each character changed just about every season. The theme song is iconic. And Prolific Productions on Youtube has remixed it to you. Can I request my local club to play this?

    6. Advance Australia Fair/Waltzing Matilda Remix

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    When this remix was unveiled as the song that would play at the midnight fireworks show at Sydney Harbour in 2004, it caused such an outrage on talkback radio that Prime Minister John Howard even commented on it, saying “It is after all our national anthem and I don’t think it should be played around with.”

    7. Home and Away Theme Remix

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    What would Australia be without Home and Away? This remix makes you feel ready to dance on the beach with the Summer Bay kids.

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