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    23 Holiday Gifts For The Travel Addict In Your Life

    IF you can't afford to get them a plane ticket that is.

    1. This very cool travel inspired poster

    Rabbit Print / Via

    It's only $7 and would beautiful in a simple frame. Available on Etsy.

    2. This "Around The World" leather watch

    Urban Outfitters / Via

    With this, they can always be inspired to travel more and they won't run late. From Urban Outfitters.

    3. This cities of the world wall decal

    DecalLab / Via

    It's easily removable too, so they can take it with them if they ever move house. $45 on Etsy.

    4. The classic travel novel, On The Road

    Penguin / Via

    It will make them want to take a road trip right this second. $11 from Book Depository.

    5. Or a beautiful travel journal

    Wayfaren / Via

    So they can write down their own adventures. $11.50 from Etsy.

    6. This travel inspired hip flask

    Wild and Wof Ltd / Via

    $30 from Bonkers.

    7. Or a travel inspired board game

    Out of the Box Games / Via

    Like the 10 Days in... series from Out of the Box Games.

    8. Some cool vintage magnets

    Zazzle / Via
    Zazzle / Via

    Like these ones from Zazzle which range from $4-$6 each.

    9. What about some travel inspired temporary tattoos?

    Smash Tat / Via

    Body art but without the commitment! $13 from Etsy.

    10. Or this World Table cook book

    Australian Women's Weekly / Via

    So they can pretend they're in another country when they're still at home. $55 from Booktopia (although they only ship to Australia and New Zealand).

    11. Travel inspired jewelery is always a hit

    StampinoffthePath / Via

    Like this "to travel is to live" ring. $10 from StampinoffthePath on Etsy.

    12. Or get their travel photos printed for them

    Prinstagram / Via

    Prinstagram prints off Instagram photos in cool squares. You can buy gift cards on their website.

    13. This bucket list traveler's edition journal is perfect

    BlueToad / Via

    They can document their travel bucket list, and it includes maps so they can mark off where they have been. $25 on Etsy.

    14. Or this traveler's pillow

    Jetsettr / Via

    Perfect for sleeping on buses, trains, or at airports for when you've missed your flight because you thought today was the 16th. $25 from Jetsettr.

    15. A film to inspire them to travel

    Castle Rock Entertainment / Via

    Like Before Sunrise. $7.55 from Amazon.

    16. This fantastic travel-themed wallet

    Modcloth / Via

    $38 from Modcloth.

    17. This scratch map which lets you mark the countries you've visited

    Luckies / Via

    It's very cool and only $20 from Luckies.

    18. This incredible dress that will make everyone in their life jealous

    Modcloth / Via

    Plus it's perfect for at home and when traveling, since the print hides wrinkles. $125 from Modcloth.

    19. Get them a Crumpled City™ Map for their next destination

    Palomar / Via

    These maps are near indestructible and are designed to be crumpled, smushed, and spilled on. $15 from Palomar.

    20. A travel-themed phone case

    Carved / Via

    This passport stamp style one is $48 from Zazzle.

    21. This necklace is simple but gorgeous

    RobjantCouture / Via

    Only $11.63 from Etsy.

    22. For aspiring photographers, Lonely Planet's guide is fantastic

    Lonely Planet / Via

    Written by one of the company's best travel photographers, this book ensures the recipient of this gift will be taking amazing pictures in no time. $25 on the Lonely Planet online store.

    23. And to inspire them to save for their next trip, this Travel Fund Jar

    Mandv14 / Via

    Super cute and $22.45 on Etsy.