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    23 Holiday Gifts For The Travel Addict In Your Life

    IF you can't afford to get them a plane ticket that is.

    1. This very cool travel inspired poster

    2. This "Around The World" leather watch

    3. This cities of the world wall decal

    4. The classic travel novel, On The Road

    5. Or a beautiful travel journal

    6. This travel inspired hip flask

    7. Or a travel inspired board game

    8. Some cool vintage magnets

    9. What about some travel inspired temporary tattoos?

    10. Or this World Table cook book

    11. Travel inspired jewelery is always a hit

    12. Or get their travel photos printed for them

    13. This bucket list traveler's edition journal is perfect

    14. Or this traveler's pillow

    15. A film to inspire them to travel

    16. This fantastic travel-themed wallet

    17. This scratch map which lets you mark the countries you've visited

    18. This incredible dress that will make everyone in their life jealous

    19. Get them a Crumpled City™ Map for their next destination

    20. A travel-themed phone case

    21. This necklace is simple but gorgeous

    22. For aspiring photographers, Lonely Planet's guide is fantastic

    23. And to inspire them to save for their next trip, this Travel Fund Jar