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17 Things Only People From Canberra Will Understand

Because it's a weird, wonderful place

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1. That people who don't live in the ACT have no idea how to use Roundabouts

2. The Northside/Southside rivalry

Lauren Ingram / Via Instagram: @thelaureningram

3. How much better it is to live in a planned city

Steven Young / Via Flickr: steven-young

4. How it's perfectly acceptable to complain about the cold to other Canberrans, but as soon as an out of towner says something the only response is 'this is nothing!'

David Burke / Via Flickr: cit_thmc

5. Who Constable Kenny Koala is and why he's responsible for you looking both ways before you cross the road

6. How good the 'Awesome Chips' from Kingsley's Chicken really are

7. And the amazingness of Goodberries

Goodberries / Via Facebook: goodberrys

8. Why it's a really bad idea to drink the vodka at Uni Pub, but you'll end up doing it anyway

Yixiong Zhang / Via Flickr: oursonvie

9. And how if you want to get hit on by a Raiders player, you just head to Mooseheads

10. How common it is to see politicians hanging around Manuka or Kingston in sitting weeks

11. Why you really don't want to get in an accident with someone sporting these plates

12. What the Hyper-D is

Wikipedia / Via

13. And why the dress code there means couples ugg boots are a-okay

14. Why when you ask someone where they work, they may just respond with an acronym

Tim Riley / Via Flickr: timriley

15. Where they are when someone tells you they're 'near the goon bag'

Kate Bunker / Via Flickr: katiett

16. Or 'near the sheep'

Archives ACT

17. And lastly, why we know we live in the greatest city in Australia

Archives ACT

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