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The Ultimate Gift Guide For Cooks Of All Levels

Whether you're a home chef, professional chef, or a microwave pizza kinda chef, there's something for everyone.

1. This incredibly useful cutting board that has everything you need to know about knives.

2. A microwave egg poacher so you can enjoy the fancier things in life without all the trouble.

3. A set of nonstick pans to actually get you started in the kitchen.

4. Not that great with the knife? This mandoline will make chopping so much easier.

5. Use this zester/grater to take your culinary creation to the next level with fresh everything.

6. The culinary possibilities are endless with a food processor.

7. This cast-iron skillet can do it all: sauté, sear, bake, and fry.

8. Use this precision cooker for perfectly cooked meat EVERY. SINGLE. TIME.

9. Get ya roastin' on with this self-basting roaster.

10. Try new recipes and get new flavors with this spice set.

11. Make a whole lot of stuff a whole lot easier with this hand blender.

12. Make every kind of pickle you could ever imagine with your very own fermenter.

13. Make the best crème brûlée of your life with this kitchen blowtorch.

14. Experience true culinary bliss with this high-quality Japanese knife.

15. Infuse your food with natural smoky flavors with this smoking gun.

16. Make some authentic pasta at home with this Italian-made pasta machine.

17. And finally, every chef will love BuzzFeed's personalized and customizable Tasty cookbook gift set.

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