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You Need To See These 17 Korean Beauty Products Under $15

What. A. Freaking. Steal.

Alice Mongkongllite / Via BuzzFeed

We hope you love the products we recommend! Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a small share of sales from the links on this page.

1. A refreshing sleeping mask for all you boba lovers out there.

Etude House / Via

HOW CUTE AND REALISTIC IS THAT PACKAGING. So cute and realistic. This particular strawberry one is perfect for dry skin, but there are others for sebum control and elasticity.

Price: $12.08

2. Combat that winter dry skin with this adorable mist.

Tony Moly / Via

There's a version for both oily and dry skin types so no one needs to walk around with little flakies on their face.

Price: $5.94

3. This dinosaur themed oil blotting paper pact will make you wonder why you didn't buy it ages ago.

@annemon_san / Via

It comes with a little pad to pick up the sheets AND A MIRROR. The mirror is a game changer and everybody knows it.

Price: $7.47

4. This incredibly fun mask that will turn you into a beautiful foam sea monster.

@discodrivethru / Via

It's like a Chia Pet but for your face.

Price: $8

5. This pore powder will help make your skin look perfectly smooth again.

It's Skin / Via

We all know our baby skin was the best skin we've ever had. RIP, baby skin.

Price: $11

6. Switch up your nighttime skincare routine with this all natural, exfoliating facial sponge.


"I regret taking care of my skin" - said no one ever.

Price: $9.57

7. Washing up has never been more cute and fun with this cat ear headband.

Etude House / Via

So you can lowkey channel Ariana Grande in the bathroom while keeping all your little baby hairs out of your face.

Price: $4.41

8. Embrace your vampy self this fall with this beautifully pigmented lip stain.

Etude House / Via, http://@my.brocandy / Via

Comes in 4 different colors - I love mine in "vampire red." Make sure to follow the proper way to apply a lip stain or this won't work!

Price: $6

9. Treat yo self at home with these sheet masks that target every skin concern.

@ashlynnbaileyy / Via

Any mask that involves red wine, I'm in.

Price: $9.74 for 11 sheets

10. For ya girl with the short lashes, try this skinny brush mascara.

@kittyboom_cosmetic / Via

This brush is able to get even the shortest of lashes and is perfect for bottom lashes as well.

Price: $9.97

11. Get a whole week's worth of egg-themed nose strips for the same price as a dozen eggs.

Tony Moly / Via

Warning: These are extremely addictive!

Price: $2.89

12. This cleansing foam contains volcanic clusters so you know it's good.

@whyseeshop / Via

Great for all skin types and does a wonderful job cleaning up those pores.

Price: $8.83

13. The most delicious smelling hand cream you'll ever use.

@um_no0ora12 / Via

Looks and smells like a real peach!

Price: $4

14. Achieve your full brow potential with this eyebrow pencil + spoolie duo.

@hellianaishere / Via

Get the brows of your dreams in half the time and with half the cost.

Price: $4.23

15. This exfoliating black sugar mask will make your skin feel smoother than a baby's butt.

Skinfood / Via

Your face will thank you.

Price: $7.94

16. Get in the holiday spirit with this glittery nail polish.

Pony / Via

This classic statement nail will never go out of style.

Price: $3

17. Cut your eye makeup routine in half with these super simple, waterproof shadow sticks.

CLIO / Via

Just roll some over your eyelid and voilà! You're a shimmery mermaid queen.

Price: $9.77

Happy K-Beauty shopping!