I Broke Fashion Rules For Short Women And I Still Looked Fine

    I will never stop wearing ankle-strap heels. NEVER!

    What's up party people? I'm Lauren. I'm pretty small, as you can maybe tell from this photo of me in a laundry basket:

    I like shopping and I like clothes, but I never realized there were so many fashion RULES for short women.

    So to see if these rules actually mattered, I tried to pull off some popular fashion don'ts for shorties.

    I've never really thought about these fashion "rules" before. I'm very insecure about my height, so I naturally gravitate toward crop tops and high-waisted pants because I know it makes my short legs look a little longer. But I rarely restrict myself from wearing certain items, so I was definitely interested to see how I'd feel about wearing only things that *someone* said I shouldn't.

    Outfit #1: Horizontal stripes, a large bag, and ankle straps (oh my!).

    Outfit #2: Long shirt, oversized cardigan, chunky jewelry.

    Outfit #3: Boxy sweater, culottes, chunky heels.

    Outfit #4: Oversized coat, ankle pants.

    Outfit #5: Animal-print shirt, culottes, printed flats, Hot Cheetos.

    All in all, I liked wearing these fashion don'ts, even if I felt short at times.