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    31 Things From Target That’ll Make It Easier To Hide Every Eyesore In Your Home

    There are some unique ways to cover the eyesores in your home. Lamp shades, wall decals, and storage bins - oh my.

    We hope you love the products we recommend! All of them were independently selected by our editors. Just so you know, BuzzFeed collects a share of sales and/or other compensation from the links on this page. Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

    1. A terrace jewelry box that will allow you to display your jewelry in an organized manner. Say goodbye to the frustration of detangling your favorite necklace with this addition!

    Terrace jewelry box

    2. A rattan basket, so there won't be a pile of toys all around your living room. Place your dog or child's toys in this basket, and it'll feel like they almost disappeared.

    Rattan baskets sitting in living room

    3. A utensil holder that will give your spatulas and cooking spoons a place to call home. Adding a utensil holder to your counter will optimize space and add subtle organization.

    Utensil holder on kitchen counter

    4. A dual compartment trash can that automatically separates your recycling and trash. This trash can is so beautiful you won't be ashamed that your guests can see it when they visit. Also, the sturdy lid will hold in all the icky smells.

    Trash can

    5. A wicker storage trunk that instantly brings order to any room. The miscellaneous items laying around your living room just met their match.

    Decorative storage trunk

    6. A floral comforter set that will upgrade your well-worn bedroom. Say goodbye to that eyesore you used to call a comforter!

    Floral comforter on bed

    7. A lightweight throw blanket to hide the mystery stain on your couch. No matter how hard you scrub, it won't come out, so hiding it with this is a quick cover-up!

    Checkered throw blanket

    8. A decorative wall mirror, so perfect nobody will realize there's water damage behind it. If you have a large eyesore on your living room wall or common area, hanging a mirror over it is an easy solution!

    Decorative mirror hanging over mantle table

    9. A vanity organizer that will help your bathroom look like makeup didn't explode all over the place. Your bathroom will be back to aesthetically pleasing once you add one of these to your counter.

    Counter organizer on bathroom counter

    10. A shoe rack, so you won't trip over the shoes in your entryway. Adding a shoe rack to your entrance will add more space to the limited area and make it look much better.

    Shoe rack in entryway

    11. A set of framed canvases to ensure your walls won't be bare. A set of paintings is a great way to take up space with minimal effort.

    Framed canvases over decorative bench

    12. A peel and stick wall decal that can be used for virtually anything. This peel and stick is a fast way to add character, and cover-up flaws, to your living space.

    Peel and stick decal on table

    13. A coffee canister that looks better on the counter than the bag of coffee grounds. Plus, it's so much easier to scoop your morning coffee out of this!

    Coffee canister with spoon

    14. A laundry hamper to hide all your dirty clothes, but in style. This laundry hamper will sit perfectly in your bathroom or bedroom, and it'll go with any décor!

    Laundry basket

    15. An oversized wall tapestry to subtly hide any cracks that may be in your wall. Plus, it's the perfect way to cover a large part of wall space in a fashionable way!

    Oversized wall tapestry in sitting area

    16. A wood cutting board that'll upgrade your dated old plastic one. This can also act as the platter for your perfectly curated charcuterie board.

    Wood cutting board in kitchen

    17. A three-piece vase set to distract from the loudest of eyesores. The terra cotta rustic finish creates an eye-grabbing element to these.

    Vase trio

    18. An under-the-sink organizer, because there's never enough space to keep all your toiletries. It's such a quick solution to this everyday eyesore!

    Under the sink storage unit

    19. A geometric area rug to elevate your living space. Additionally, it will hide all the scratches on your hardwood floor and protect it!

    Geometric rug in living room

    20. A basket you can use to hold all the random things in your home. Use it in your office, pantry, bedroom, or bathroom — wherever you place it, it'll instantly clean up the place!

    Basket sitting on desk

    21. A decorative shelf that will add a glamorous feel to any wall you hang it on. Place your favorite photos, candles, and other décor on this shelf to add an eye-grabbing element to your room.

    Decorative shelf hanging on wall

    22. A salt container to make cooking *a dash* more fun. This container will also add some personalization to an everyday item.

    Salt canister

    23. And a pepper container to match — you can't have one without the other! This container is a significant upgrade from the typical, boring pepper containers.

    Pepper canister

    24. A textured lamp shade that will hide all that's behind it, but in a subtle way. This will add some personal style and warmth to your room.

    Lamp shade displayed on lamp base

    25. A floral shower curtain, so you can hide your crowded shower shelf from guests. Adding a fun print through a shower curtain allows personal style even in the bathroom

    Floral flower curtain hanging from shower rod

    26. A drying rack to organize all your newly washed dishes. Drying dishes by hand is so tedious, but laying them on the counter, sans dish rack, is hideous, so get yourself a drying rack!

    Dish drying rack

    27. A square throw pillow that'll distract from the couch cushion your pet can't stop nibbling on. This piece will add some much-needed comfort to your couch!

    Throw pillow

    28. A set of hanging bins – they'll add function to your space and hides anything you need. Mount this in your office, entryway, or laundry room to hold anything!

    Hanging bins mounted to hallway wall

    29. A set of wire baskets to turn kitchen clutter into the decorations of your dreams. Lemons, placemats, and coffee canisters can sit in these.

    Wire baskets holding various items on kitchen counter

    30. A drawer organizer that'll make yours more functional, and flatware more accessible. Mess? We don't know her.

    Drawer organizer

    31. And a decorative bowl to nicely hide the scratch on your kitchen table. This simple but stunning bowl will draw attention from the biggest eyesores.

    Decorative bowl holding pine cones

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