Dylan O'Brien Accidentally Blew Up His Coffee Maker After Smuggling It With Him To London

    No, but I could listen to these two talk about coffee for the rest of my life.

    The Outfit is officially hitting movie theaters tomorrow, so get pumped, people!

    Zoey and Dylan stand next to each other in a scene from The Outfit

    And to celebrate the movie's release, we invited costars Dylan O'Brien and Zoey Deutch to hop on Zoom and take a quiz to see just how well they really know each other.

    Right off the bat, Zoey started off super strong by remembering Dylan's birthday.

    But Dylan caught up eventually by remembering exactly what's inside Zoey's dressing room.

    Then, Zoey revealed that not only does Dylan love coffee, but he brought an entire suitcase full of it to shoot this movie in London.

    Like...a literal suitcase full of coffee and a coffee maker...

    ...that he then broke upon arrival.

    Watch the full video with Dylan and Zoey below:

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    And be sure to catch The Outfit in theaters starting March 18.