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    I'm Obsessed With Jodie Comer And Ryan Reynolds Talking About How Much Blake Lively Loves Pranking People

    "She looks at pranks like art."

    Free Guy — aka the long-awaited Ryan Reynolds gamer-inception flick — is officially in theaters today.

    In honor of the movie's release, we had its stars, Ryan Reynolds and Jodie Comer, sit down and play a delightful game of Who's Who with us.

    Ryan Reynolds and Jodie Comer

    Jodie and Ryan pretty much agreed on everything, like who's most likely to be found taking a selfie on set...

    Ryan says, "They usually involve [Taika Waititi] laying lengthwise on a cot like Burt Reynolds' Cosmopolitan ad in the '70s."

    ...or who's most likely to spend an entire day (or week) playing video games.

    Ryan says, "[Utkarsh Ambudkar would] definitely do a full week if he could."

    We even found out this funny little tidbit of information — Blake Lively LOVES pranking people, especially her husband.

    Ryan says, "Blake 100%" and Jodie responds "Blake loves a prank."

    Like, she's really good at it, folks.

    Ryan says, "She could set up some sort of Rube Goldberg device up on set that ends with a can of paint landing on my head." Jodie responds "You guys love a prank," to which Ryan says, "She looks at pranks like art."

    Curious to see what else Ryan and Jodie have to say? Watch the video below.

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    And be sure to go see Free Guy, which is in theaters now!