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    Phil Dunster Read Thirst Tweets, And I Think I Love Him Even More Than I Already Did

    "I think I'm flattered!"

    If you've seen Ted Lasso, then you definitely know the magic of Phil Dunster.

    In the series, he stars as Jamie Tartt, the absolutely iconic, secret cinnamon roll cutie that we can't help but love.

    And to celebrate Ted Lasso's Season 3 finale, we invited Phil to pop on over to BuzzFeed, sit down, relax, aaaaand read some filthy thirst tweets.

    He had a blast, y'all.

    Things started out tame...

    ...but in perfect thirst tweets fashion, they escalated very quickly.

    Phil even learned a new abbreviation!

    And folks, he's just as in love with Brett Goldstein as the rest of us are.

    All in all, it was a fun and sexy time for everyone.

    Watch the full video with all Phil's reactions here:

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    Be sure to watch (or rewatch) Phil in all three seasons of Ted Lasso, which are currently streaming on Apple TV+.