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Mike Flanagan Just Broke The World Record For Having The Most Jump Scares Ever In The First Episode Of "The Midnight Club"

"So, funny story...I hate jump scares; I just hate them" — Mike Flanagan 0.3 seconds after breaking the world record for the most jump scares in one TV episode.

🚨This post contains spoilers for The Midnight Club Season 1, Episode 1.

Mike Flanagan's new series, The Midnight Club, just hit Netflix TODAY, and it's spooky, it's binge-watchable, and it's already breaking Guinness World Records.

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This year, on Day 1 of New York Comic Con, Flanagan, his creative team, and the show's cast were awarded a certificate commemorating that Season 1, Episode 1 currently holds the record for the "most scripted jump scares in a single TV episode."

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And HOW many jump scares is that, you ask?

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It's 21!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Yep, 21 legit jump scares just in the first episode of The Midnight Club.

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While accepting the certificate, Flanagan surprisingly shared, "So, funny story...I hate jump scares; I just hate them."

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He added, "For most of my career, people have come to me while we're working on scripts or while we're working on edits and said, 'Add more jump scares.' 'Put more in!' 'Faster, faster, faster!'"

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He continued, "And so in this project, we thought we were just gonna empty the missile silos and put as many jump scares as could ever fit into one scene so that hopefully by the end, they would be meaningless."

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"So then in the future, if anyone ever came to us and said, 'Add more jump scares,' we could say, 'Actually, we have the Guinness World Record of the most jump scares in a single episode of television, and we think it's fine the way it is."

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Be sure to watch The Midnight Club, which is streaming now on Netflix.