22 Shocking Facts And Secrets About The Met Gala That'll Make You Watch The Red Carpet Differently

    Anna Wintour banned chives, garlic, onions, and parsley from being served at the party because they get stuck in people's teeth and cause bad breath.

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    1. Each celebrity in attendance is chosen to wear an on-theme ensemble created by a designer.

    These attendees don't have to pay for tickets. In the Met Gala documentary The First Monday in May, Riccardo Tisci explained, "Each designer brings his own muse. You bring a person that most represents your aesthetic."

    Blake Lively in a full-length gown with embroidered details and a head piece on the Met Gala red carpet

    2. A ticket to attend the gala starts at $30,000 per person, but some can go as high as $50,000, and entire tables cost between $275,000 and $500,000.

    taylor swift on the red carpet

    Designers will typically pay for a table and then work with Vogue associates and planners to create a list of attendees that are "approved" by Anna Wintour.

    Gwen Stefani posing on the MET gala red carpet with designer Jeremy Scott holding her leg up
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    3. According to Amy Odell, who wrote the upcoming Anna Wintour biography titled Anna, because tickets are so hard to come by, some celebrity agents even call and offer huge donations in return for tickets for their clients.

    group photo at the met gala including Gwen Stefani, Jeremy Scott, Bella Hadid, Maluma, Saarah Paulson, Tracee Ellis Ross, and others

    Cameron Silver shared with Page Six, "I've known of society names who couldn't get a ticket and are prepped to go if there's a last-minute seat that becomes available. They have their look ready even if they aren't certain of whether they will actually have a seat days before the event."

    4. Paris and Nicky Hilton, Nicole Richie, and the Kardashians were all among the celebrities who tried to get an invite to the event — eventually, Nicole and the Kardashians were successful.

    Paris and Nicky Hilton with an X drawn over them

    Former Met Gala organizer and Vogue associate Stephanie Winston Wolkoff explained to Odell that they weren't known for "making a difference" in Anna Wintour's eyes. She continued, "The Kardashians had zero style, and their whole reason for who they were was nothing that tied to Vogue."

    The Kardashian wearing various brightly colored dresses

    5. Even though the entire guest list is full of A-list VIPs, Anna Wintour had some VVIPs like Tom Ford, Karl Lagerfeld, and Harvey Weinstein, who have been "discreetly" pulled out of line for the red carpet so they didn't have to wait to get into the party.

    Anna Wintour whispering to Karl Lagerfeld at a table

    6. Smoking is forbidden at the Met Gala. However, every year, celebrities find a way to break this rule.

    This photo is like taken at a college party except for the fancy dresses #metgala

    Twitter: @victuuris95

    It has gotten so out of hand that Department of Health inspectors attend the event to make sure nobody is secretly smoking inside the museum.

    this year's met gala theme was smoking in the bathroom

    Twitter: @yourwetdress

    7. Back in 2006, the Sex Pistols' John Lydon stormed out twice because he didn't like where he was seated.

    John Lydon screaming with his arms waving in the air

    In the New York Times, Cathy Horyn wrote, "John Lydon, the former Sex Pistol known as Johnny Rotten, found his seat — the last at a long table and arguably one of the least desirable in the highly orchestrated seating plan — he was visibly upset...[he] stormed out twice, cursing museum workers."

    John yelling and pointing

    8. Anna greets each guest at the top of the stairs as they enter, but they're only allowed 20 seconds of conversation before someone moves them along.

    Anna, Tom Ford, and Jennifer Hudson, posing for a photo at the Met Gala as they all wear face masks

    9. The seating chart changes frequently throughout the year, but the most important rule is that spouses are not allowed to sit next to each other.

    a seating chart for the gala

    In The First Monday in May, Sylvana Ward Durrett said, "Never seat spouses next to each other. The whole point of these things is to meet new people and to be interested in what others are doing. What's the point if you come here to hang out with your husband?"

    Someone moving names on the gala seating chart

    10. Back when Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony first started dating, they wanted to keep their relationship a secret, so they had Anna sit them "back-to-back at separate tables." That way, they'd be together, but not ~together~.

    Marc and Jennifer posing for photographers

    11. Because there's such a vast range of celebrities in attendance, many unlikely friendships and relationships form — including Taylor Swift and Tom Hiddleston, who were confirmed to be dating shortly after their Met Gala dance party.

    Bradley Cooper and Irina Shayk were also rumored to have been seen together at the party before confirming their relationship. This past year, Channing Tatum and Zoë Kravitz also fueled relationship rumors.

    12. Celebrities are spread out enough so some seats don't feel better than others — even Anna herself refuses to sit at the "best" table.

    Kendall Jenner holding hands with Gigi Hadid on the Met Gala red carpet

    Stephanie Winston Wolkoff explained, “Every area had someone that was prominent enough for everyone to see around them, but they didn’t feel that they were next to the bathroom."

    13. Anna Wintour banned chives, garlic, onions, and parsley from being served at the party because they get stuck in people's teeth and cause bad breath. Fish has also been banned because of the smell.

    Guests seated at their dinner tables inside the Met Gala

    The food must LOOK beautiful too. Tom Ford explained, “What we served had to look right on the plate together. I not only had to see it plated, but if the colors didn’t work together, of the vegetables, and the whatever, they had to go. I remember she commented on that. It was like, ‘But those are carrots.’ And I was like, ‘I know, but they’re orange, they can’t go next to that color, that doesn’t look good. It’s just not going to happen.’”

    A photo of a messy food plate with the caption "This why they don't show y'all the food"

    14. Back in 2019, Kim Kardashian's Thierry Mugler dress was so tight that she wasn't able to sit down the entire night.

    Kim wearing a very tight dress with jewels hanging off it

    15. The Met has even spent over $100,000 to bring celebrities to the event by private jet — including Beyoncé and Jay-Z.

    Jay-Z and Beyoncé on the Met Gala red carpet

    16. People like Sarah Jessica Parker, Anna Wintour, and Anna's daughter Bee also get their own greenrooms where they can touch up their hair and makeup.

    Sarah Jessica Parker waving to people as she stands on the red carpet

    17. George and Amal Clooney once requested their own private bar so they could have a drink away from the other attendees.

    George and Amal smiling for cameras

    In 2018, Amal was also given access to the museum's gift shop — which had been decorated with brand-new furniture for the occasion — so she could change clothes in private.

    Amal posing in a gown/pants ensemble on the red carpet

    18. When Rihanna performed at the Met Gala in 2015, she charged over $1 million.

    Rihanna in Guo Pei gown with a trail

    19. In 2018, an age limit was instated and only guests 18 and older could attend.

    Jaden and Willow Smith posing together on the red carpet

    20. Depending on the amount of jewelry worn by a celebrity, some guests are accompanied by their own bodyguards and security escorts in addition to security on staff already.

    Ocean's 8 scene where Anne Hathaway's character has a priceless necklace put on her neck before the Met Ball

    21. Cellphones are also banned from the party, mainly to maintain A-List guests' security and to boost their "enjoyment of the event."

    Vogue's director of special projects, Sylvana Durrett, explained that the event staff "subtly monitors" guests. “Anna is sort of an old-school traditionalist. She likes a dinner party where people are actually speaking to each other. We aren’t sitting over people’s shoulders, but if it’s an obvious thing, we might gently remind them.”

    22. Finally, Donald Trump and Tim Gunn have both been uninvited from attending the gala in the future.

    If you're interested in even more behind-the-scenes Met Gala facts, check out Anna by Amy Odell, which is officially on sale tomorrow!

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