Drop Everything Because The New "Masked Singer" Contestants Are Looking So Freaking Good

    "I know exactly who this is." — Me, after seeing one photo of a person in a mask.

    In case you didn't know, The Masked Singer is a reality singing competition show where all of its contestants are — you guessed it — masked.

    Basically what happens is each contestant is a masked celebrity and they sing in front of a panel of four judges, who then have to guess the celebs' identities based on video clues and vocal performance.

    Now as the show is gearing up for its third season, Fox has finally released the photos of the brand-new contestants.

    Note: Fox has revealed that Season 3 will have 18 contestants, but only released the pictures of 15.

    1. First, we have The Mouse:

    2. The Bear:

    3. The Rhino:

    4. The Kangaroo:

    5. The Astronaut:

    6. The Banana:

    7. Miss Monster:

    8. The Frog:

    9. The Llama:

    10. The Kitty:

    11. The Swan:

    12. The Robot:

    13. The Turtle:

    14. The White Tiger:

    15. And last, but certainly not least, the Taco:

    Watch the magic happen on the Season 3 premiere of The Masked Singer after the Super Bowl on Fox, and on Wednesdays at 8 p.m.