Logan Lerman And Joey King Talked About The Most Famous People In Their Contacts, Their "Roman Empires," And So Much More During Their Costar Test

    Today, I learned that Logan Lerman's "Roman empire" is the actual Roman Empire.

    Joey King and Logan Lerman star in We Were the Lucky Ones, which follows the incredible true story of one Jewish family as they are separated at the start of World War II and are determined to survive and reunite.

    The two actors in vintage attire sharing a smile on a film set

    To celebrate the release of the series, we invited Joey and Logan to see just how well they know each other, and they certainly did not disappoint.

    The two actors laughing during a BuzzFeed Celeb interview

    Things started off a little rocky when they tried to remember each other's first-ever acting job.

    The two actors looking at their phones with a caption "Their first acting job" and quotes: "No fucking clue!" and "Oh shit!"

    But then they got into a groove when they started talking about their "Roman empires."

    Caption about "their Roman empire": Joey says "It's like the thing they can't stop thinking about because they're obsessed with it," and Logan says he was asked if he thinks about the Roman Empire often and he says yes, often

    They shared who the most famous people in their contacts are...and it's such a flex.

    Conversation about "the most famous person in their contacts," with Joey saying his is Al Pacino and then both saying Brad Pitt

    All in all, they ended up doing pretty well!

    Check out the whole video below:

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    And if you can't get enough of Logan and Joey, be sure to check out We Were the Lucky Ones, now on Hulu.

    Movie poster for "We Were the Lucky Ones" featuring Joey King and Logan Lerman, release date March 28 on Hulu