Josh Hutcherson Finally Shared His Reaction To That Viral "Whistle" Edit

    "They are very creative. Very odd. And I'm here for it."

    If you've been on the internet within recent months, then I'm sure you've seen the infamous Josh Hutcherson "Whistle" edit.

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    If not, basically the actual video is an old fan edit from 2014 compiled with photos of Josh from various photoshoots accompanied by Flo Rida's song "Whistle," covered by Joel Merry. It's truly a product of its time; you gotta watch it if you haven't already.

    The edit quickly became a meme where users would insert it into unassuming videos and "trick" users into watching it — very similar to a Rickroll.


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    The edit was EVERYWHERE. So much so that back in December, a fan even asked Josh if he'd seen the memes, and he said no. "I stay off the internet, it's scary!" he said in a video posted to TikTok.


    When you ask Josh Hutcherson if hes seen any of the whistle memes. He said no i stay off the internet. #joshhutcherson #joshhutchersonedit #joshhutchersonsupermacy🛐 #whistle #hungergames #joshhutchersonwhistle

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    Well, here we are a month later, and Josh has now confirmed that he has, in fact, seen the meme. During his Tuesday night appearance on The Tonight Show, Jimmy Fallon asked him all about the edit. "I know that you're not really on social media that much," said Jimmy. "But I'm sure you know...the internet wins. You even not being on the internet doesn't stop you from being on the internet."

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    "The Josh Hutcherson memes," Josh replied, nodding his head. To which Jimmy countered, "The 'Whistle' edit memes!" and the crowd went wiiiild.

    Josh Hutcherson and Jimmy Fallon

    "I'd had no idea it existed," Josh explained. "The internet wins again! These photos are some, like, edit or, like, a montage of photos that somebody did in 2014...and they put it to a song...and now it's like a Rickroll basically."

    Josh Hutcherson and Jimmy Fallon

    "Now it's like, you think you're gonna watch a recipe, they open up a pot, and it's my face, and then the whistle starts," he said. "It's just like, it's ridiculous."

    Josh Hutcherson and Jimmy Fallon

    "My little brother and his boyfriend actually sat me down during the holidays and were like, 'Okay, you don't live on the internet. We need to explain this to you.' And they just started going through — and they are very creative. Very odd. And I'm here for it. It's great."

    Josh Hutcherson and Jimmy Fallon

    Did you hear that???? He loves it!!!!!!!!

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    Watch Josh's full interview here.