I Literally Cannot Stop Watching The Jonas Brothers Reenact Iconic Movie Moments In Their New Music Video

    But like...what a man gotta do?

    Good news! The (very short) wait is over, because the Jonas Brothers have finally released their newest single, "What a Man Gotta Do." And lemme just say it 100% slaps.

    And not only is the song a total bop, but the music video is actually super fun too.

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    In the video directed by Joseph Kahn, the JoBros and their wives channel some of the most legendary movie moments that have ever existed.

    Joe and Sophie are Danny and Sandy — and Cha Cha (!!!) — during Grease's iconic "Hand Jive" moment.

    Nick and Priyanka got a little ~risky~ and dressed up as Tom Cruise circa the Risky Business dance scene.

    And Kevin and Danielle shared this heartfelt Say Anything moment, minus the boombox.

    Needless to say, fans are THRILLED.


    I’m physically incapable of listening to any song except what a man gotta do

    Me on Friday listening to What A Man Gotta Do:

    They LOVE the dancing.

    i just spent 48 minutes making this 13 second tik tok and i have no regrets.. #WhatAManGottaDo @jonasbrothers 🤠🤍

    learning this what a man gotta do dance is harder than I thought it would be...

    But most importantly, they really love Nick's thighs.

    No wonder why Nick Jonas is into choking. He can choke me with his massive thighs any day. 🥵🤤

    sorry but nick jonas’s thighs are impressive like wOW

    So, what are your thoughts on the Jonas Brothers' new song? Tell us in the comments below!

    Watch the "What a Man Gotta Do" music video here.