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    The First Look At "The Masked Dancer" Is Here, And It's Just As Bonkers As You'd Expect

    Not me trying to guess the celebrity contestants from a three-second clip.

    Attention Masked Singer fans! We are just about a month away from the premiere of Fox's brand-new spinoff series The Masked Dancer.


    Fox recently released a teaser trailer for the new series, and it looks just as bonkers as you'd expect — which means this show is probably going to be a W-I-L-D time.

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    Here's everything we know so far:

    1. The series, which was originally inspired by a segment on The Ellen Show, has the same model as The Masked Singer, where famous contestants will be masked head-to-toe as they perform for a panel of celeb judges.

    Dancer in a wolf mask on 'The Ellen Show'

    The contestants will be performing dances in groups, as well as duets with unmasked partners. Ellen DeGeneres will also be working as executive producer.

    2. Each week, the audience and the judges will also be shown clue packages that'll give hints about the identities of the masked celebs.

    Contestant in a smiling peeled banana costume with expressive eyes

    Like The Masked Singer, the celebrity voices will be altered as well.

    3. The series will be hosted by Craig Robinson.

    Fox /

    4. And the show's panel of celebrity judges includes Ashley Tisdale, Brian Austin Green, Paula Abdul, and The Masked Singer's Ken Jeong.

    Fox /

    Spoiler alert: A few weeks ago, Brian Austin Green was also revealed as the Giraffe on The Masked Singer too.

    5. So far, they've revealed six masks: Like, Cotton Candy...

    @maskeddancerfox /

    6. ...Cricket...

    @maskeddancerfox /

    7. ...Exotic Bird...

    @maskeddancerfox /

    8. ...Sloth...

    @maskeddancer /

    9. ...Tulip...

    @maskeddancerfox /

    10. ...and Zebra.

    @maskeddancerfox /

    We can expect some more reveals as the series premiere gets closer.

    11. Finally, the series officially premieres on Dec. 27!!!

    So are you excited for The Masked Dancer? Let us know in the comments below!

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