Dylan O'Brien Finally Read Thirst Tweets, And It's Truly Something I've Been Waiting My Entire Life For

    "Can I get this on a pair of underwear?!"

    So, you know Dylan O'Brien.

    Dylan wearing a Hawaiian shirt

    And you probably know that last summer, he was spotted filming his new movie Not Okay, decked out in bleached blonde hair and a bunch of tattoos.


    Reply to @dontfindjoelysaccount u guys asked and we delivered. meet Colin 🥱#foryou #fyp #notokaymovie #notokay

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    It was a cultural reset.


    please wish a happy birthday to OUR FUCKING KING as he gets into character 😌🎂👑 #notokay #notokaymovie #dylanobrien #zoeydeutch #quinnshephard

    ♬ original sound - notokaymovie

    Well, I'm here to tell you that the wait is FINALLY over, and Not Okay is currently streaming on Hulu for all your blonde Dylan viewing pleasure.

    And to celebrate the movie's release, we invited Dylan to read some of your very, VERY thirsty tweets about him.

    Dylan holding a cellphone as he sits in front of a window

    Things started out pretty tame...

    Dylan looking down with the caption "That's pretty tame" in response to a tweet: "whoever decided to give dylan a blonde buzz cut i hope your pillow is cold on both sides and your phone is always charged"

    ...and y'all even gave him a bit of a self-confidence boost.

    Dylan with the caption "That was enlightening and gave me a little boost for the day"

    Then, in perfect "Thirst Tweets" fashion, things took a turn.

    Dylan with the caption "Can we get my mother in here for this?" and tweet: "cant express how badly i need dylan to sit on my face and suffocate me with that fat ass of his"

    He learned what "bussy" meant.

    Dylan looking at his phone with the caption "Let's go!" and tweet: "my bussy belongs to dylan o'brien"

    And he absolutely laughed his ass off.

    Three images of Dylan laughing, covering his face, and the caption "Fuck!"

    Watch all of Dylan's reactions here:

    View this video on YouTube


    And be sure to watch Not Okay, which is streaming on Hulu now!