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    19 "Cobra Kai" Behind-The-Scenes Secrets You Probably Didn't Know, But 100% Should

    "He very deeply cares about Cobra Kai. I've never seen someone so into it. But then as the season went on, I started getting like, 'Oh yeah...screw Miyagi-Do.'"

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    🚨Warning: Huge spoilers ahead for Seasons 1 and 2!🚨

    If you're like us, then you probably can't stop thinking about Netflix's Cobra Kai — so we decided to Zoom with William Zabka, Ralph Macchio, Tanner Buchanan, Xolo Maridueña, Peyton List, Mary Mouser, and Jacob Bertrand to have our "burning questions" answered!


    Here's absolutely everything we learned, incuding some teases about what may happen in Season 3 (which is confirmed to come out in 2021!!!):

    1. Cobra Kai was initially released in 2018 on YouTube Premium and officially moved to Netflix last month, where it's been included in Netflix's Top 10 since its addition. The cast said it feels like a "second rebirth, of the first rebirth, of the original franchise."

    2. Luckily, we'll find out pretty early into Season 3 if Miguel is still alive and if he'll be able to fight again.

    3. The Miguel-Sam-Robby love triangle will still be a huge plotline in Season 3.


    Mary said the best way to describe the Season 3 love triangle is: "Drama. In the best way possible." She also said that both Team Miguel and Team Robby fans will definitely get a "moment."

    4. The cast also loves the love triangle, but they're pretty divided on who they think Sam belongs with.

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    However, they all can agree that Sam truly brings out the best in Robby and Miguel.

    5. Season 3 will delve a little into Sam and Tory's pasts and hopefully answer some of those underlying questions we have.


    6. As for Tory and Sam's rivalry, there seems to be a TON of drama coming too.


    But both Mary and Peyton would love to see them eventually become friends and team up.

    7. Jacob's mohawk takes about an hour to do, and his tattoo application takes about 25–45 minutes based on how much he moves around.

    8. Now that Kreese has taken over Cobra Kai, there's a chance that Johnny Lawrence could team up with Daniel LaRusso and Miyagi-Do, but Ralph and William think their characters are both too stubborn to ever do it.

    9. Mary actually got to keep her entire outfit from Sam and Miguel's date in Season 1...


    She was actually super sick when the cast went to do their photo shoot at the end of the season, and because of that, the costume designer let her keep the outfit!

    10. ...And Jacob kept a gear he found while filming the junkyard episode.

    @thejacobbertrand /

    He was like, "This is cool. This is something I could put on my wall."

    11. Johnny may or may not find love during Season 3 — but if he does, it'll definitely not be with Robby's mom, Shannon.

    12. Peyton actually didn't have a lot of time to prepare for her first fight on the show, which appeared in Season 2, Episode 4.

    Netflix/YouTube Premium

    She said she was super nervous while filming it too.

    13. And Mary said her most difficult fight was the big one in the Season 2 finale.


    She's on screen for a majority of that fight, so she wanted to make every punch and kick look convincing. Now looking back on it, she said she cringes every time she rewatches it.

    14. While filming in the woods for Season 2, Episode 7, the cast said it was actually freezing, slippery, and super muddy.

    15. William believes that even though Johnny is a little bit broken, the biggest hole in his heart comes from his relationship with his son, Robby.

    Netflix/YouTube/Sony Pictures Television

    He said he loves the scene in the Season 2 finale when Johnny drops Robby off at school because it's one of their first true father-son moments. Tanner also recalled that scene was only the second or third time Robby called Johnny "Dad."

    16. There will definitely be some more Karate Kid cameos in Season 3.

    @william_zabka /

    The cast said they won't be the ones we expect, but they'll still be very worthwhile.

    17. In real life, Mary admitted she's not actually that similar to her onscreen character.

    18. The cast is actually super passionate about the Cobra Kai–Miyagi-Do rivalry.

    19. And finally, Ralph Macchio and William Zabka are thrilled that a whole new generation of fans will get to fall in love with The Karate Kid all over again.

    Columbia / Netflix

    They said they're looking forward to seeing how the franchise reinvents itself for every generation and that it even feels like The Karate Kid came out all over again.

    Check out our full video with the Cobra Kai cast here:

    View this video on YouTube

    And be sure to watch Season 1 and 2 of Cobra Kai, streaming on Netflix NOW!


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