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    Here Are Some "Cobra Kai" Behind-The-Scenes Photos That Prove This Cast Is Absolutely Adorable

    It's the ✨friendship✨ for me.

    1. First, this selfie of Ralph Macchio and William Zabka with Cobra Kai's creators Josh Heald, Jon Hurwitz, and Hayden Schlossberg when they pitched the series to Netflix:

    2. This throwback of Xolo Maridueña and William way back in Season 1:

    3. This photo of the cast and their stunt doubles after the Season 2 finale's iconic fight scene:

    4. This cute pic of Mary Mouser and Ralph on a father-daughter drive in Mr. Miyagi's 1947 Ford Super De Luxe:

    5. These selfies from Xolo and William vibing at the Dee Snider concert:

    6. And this pic of William challenging Dee Snider to a little friendly fight:

    7. This freaking adorable photo of William and Martin Kove that low-key makes me love Kreese:

    8. This photo of Jacob Bertrand modeling Hawk's famous tattoo:

    9. This snap of William, Xolo, and Jacob looking cooler than ever:

    10. This shot of Peyton List just hangin' out between scenes:

    11. This snap of Mary getting a little messy at the LaRussos' go-to country club:

    12. This perfect pic of Ralph, William, Vanessa Rubio, and Courtney Henggeler proving they are the *best* double date crew:

    13. This snap of Nichole Brown, Joe Seo, and Annalisa Cochrane back on set during Season 1:

    14. This smiley snap of William and the boys — Xolo, Jacob, and Tanner Buchanan:

    15. This throwback of Mary channeling Sam LaRusso way back during Season 1:

    16. This sweet selfie of Martin, his son Jesse Kove (aka Kreese's high school bully), and Barrett Carnahan (aka Young Kreese).

    17. This sleepy shot of Mary after what seemed like a grueling day of training:

    18. And this pic of an equally exhausted Xolo:

    19. This snap of Jacob, Xolo, and Joe that just screams ✨friendship✨:

    20. This throwback of Mary, Annalisa, and Hannah Kepple rocking their Laker girls Halloween costumes:

    21. This silly photo of Gianni DeCenzo and Joe mid-fight:

    22. This photo of Xolo doing who knows what:

    23. This pic of a very chilly Mary:

    24. This snap of just one of Jacob and Xolo's matching outfits:

    25. This selfie of Mary with her hyper-realistic bruises and Cobra Kai's makeup artist Jamie Cline:

    26. This iconic pic of the OG Cobra Kai boys Ron Thomas, William Zabka, Rob Garrison, and Tony Odell:

    27. This serious selfie of Jacob, Paul Walter Hauser, and Xolo — aka "Shiver Bitch":

    28. This sweet snap of Xolo and William during the Season 2 table read:

    29. This throwback of the crew way before the Cobra Kai-Miyagi Do rivalry:

    30. This shot of Jacob shooting the Season 3 scene where Hawk finally gets his revenge on Bo:

    31. This snap of Gianni getting Dimitri's cast removed:

    32. This fancy and festive photo of the LaRussos:

    33. This pic of Martin and Jacob sharing a laugh (and some lunch):

    34. And this photo of Martin giving Jacob some words of wisdom in the hair and makeup trailer:

    35. This pic of the Cobra Kai crew after the infamous cement truck scene:

    36. This pic of Cobra Kai's favorite friends, Jacob and Xolo:

    37. This shot of William in Johnny's classic Cobra Kai car:

    38. This photo of Mary and Ralph sharing an onscreen father-daughter moment at the All Valley Tournament:

    39. This photo of Jacob and his cement-crusted mohawk:

    40. This jam-packed selfie of the cast hanging out in the hair and makeup trailer:

    41. And finally, this super-cool shot of Ralph and William that just proves they're a dynamic duo IRL: