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    I Tried That Hangover Cure From “Shark Tank” and I Was Really Impressed

    I hate being hungover, so I tried Cheers, a supplement for hangovers, and my life has been changed for the better.

    Hello! I'm Lauren, and one of my least favorite things is being hungover.

    So when I was scrolling through Instagram and saw an ad for Cheers, a supplement that's supposed to prevent hangovers, I gotta admit I was intrigued.

    Earlier this year, Cheers' founder Brooks Powell pitched the supplement, which was then called Thrive+, on Shark Tank.

    But alas, the Sharks passed on it because they felt the supplement hadn't been tested enough and was too difficult to market.

    But I wasn't going to let that stop my curiosity! So I did some of my own research and discovered that the supplements contain something called DHM, which, according to this medical study, has an "anti-alcohol effect." Brooks also said on Shark Tank that the supplement's main functions are reducing short-term alcohol withdrawal and giving your liver all the specific enzymes that help it process alcohol.

    I decided to put it to the test. After a night out and four vodka sodas, I took three "Restore" capsules and and went to sleep (Cheers recommends 2-4, either after your last drink or before you go to bed).

    It worked! And I didn't feel the slightest bit hungover the next morning.

    TL;DR: I'd definitely take them again even though the supplements are a little larger than I anticipated. Definitely always drink responsibly, but if you do get carried away (and can swallow large pills), Cheers might help you not feel like garbage the next morning.