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    Updated on Jul 25, 2020. Posted on Jul 24, 2020

    Lizzo Has Green Hair Now And It's Truly Incredible, Plus 17 More Things Celebrities Did On TikTok This Week

    "The coffee made me do it! 🤣"

    Charlotte Gomez / BuzzFeed

    1. Liam Payne shared this 1D supercut in honor of the band's 10-year anniversary:


    So many memories! Thank you. #10YearsOfOneDirection

    ♬ History - One Direction

    2. Reese Witherspoon danced around to her son's new single, and it was the cutest mom moment ever:


    The coffee made me do it! 🤣 Have you heard @deacon’s new song #longrun? We have it on repeat over here.

    ♬ Long Run (feat. Nina Nesbitt) - Deacon & Nina Nesbitt

    3. Will Smith was pretty much every single one of us trying to face 2020:


    ME: / 2020: 📹 @maxymaxmax

    ♬ original sound - willsmith

    4. Troye Sivan reacted to this exquisite creation inspired by his "Easy" look:


    @hayleyelizabethmua gag this is so sickening on you

    ♬ Easy - Troye Sivan

    5. Steve Harvey gave us a delightful little poem:


    #Swagger #steveHarvey

    ♬ original sound - steveharvey

    6. Vanessa Hudgens was a ~potato~:



    ♬ ShiloPotato - kaylahaynes614

    7. Jason Derulo proved once and for all that he does NOT use "Beauty Mode":


    What’s beauty mode?

    ♬ Careless Whisper - Crimson Ensemble

    8. Jordan Fisher had an extreeeeeeemely important message for all those TikTokers out there:



    ♬ original sound - myricaljanee

    9. Lizzo proved that she can absolutely rock green hair:


    You’ve now reached ~alt Lizzo tiktok~... stay awhile🧚🏾

    ♬ Black and Fine Challenge - thereallifemannequin

    10. Millie Bobby Brown performed her own interpretive dance:


    duet me pls @noahschnapp

    ♬ original sound - audiosforacting

    11. Giada De Laurentiis gave us an avocado rose tutorial, so now your toast will always be ~cute~:


    #avocadorose caprese style! #howto #summerproject #tiktoktaughtme

    ♬ Summer Days - Wayne Garrett

    12. Lilly Singh channeled her inner J.Lo:


    Low key almost tripped at the end but forever trying to be @jlo 😫 #WorldOfDanceAgain challenge @nbcworldofdance #LillyFromTheBlock

    ♬ Dance Again – Chop Jones Remix - jlo

    13. BTS celebrated their new music video, "Stay Gold":



    ♬ Stay Gold - BTS

    14. Paris Hilton showed off all the different outfits she'd wear:


    Choose Your Character: Paris Hilton Edition 💕 Which Paris character would you choose? #WhatIdWear #SimpleLife ParisForPresident #Sliving #DJ ✨👸🏼✨

    ♬ Stunnin' (feat. Harm Franklin) - Curtis Waters

    15. Addison Rae taught Scott Disick how to dance:


    ♬ Stay in my arms - Øøf._.Mäÿ

    16. Avani Gregg dyed her hair purple:


    I DID IT I DYED IT PURPLE. thank you @hairby_chrissy <33 (i was inspired by @heir.of.atticus hair)<>> ♬ original sound - leahsuh

    17. Lil Yachty showed off his funky brand-new couch:


    If ur curious it was 20k 🤑 #fyp #foryoupage

    ♬ original sound - lilyachty

    18. And finally, Charli D'Amelio proved you can still look cute even while recovering from surgery:



    ♬ S and M rihanna - amelia.maee

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