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    Lizzo Has Green Hair Now And It's Truly Incredible, Plus 17 More Things Celebrities Did On TikTok This Week

    "The coffee made me do it! 🤣"

    Charlotte Gomez / BuzzFeed

    1. Liam Payne shared this 1D supercut in honor of the band's 10-year anniversary:


    So many memories! Thank you. #10YearsOfOneDirection

    ♬ History - One Direction

    2. Reese Witherspoon danced around to her son's new single, and it was the cutest mom moment ever:


    The coffee made me do it! 🤣 Have you heard @deacon’s new song #longrun? We have it on repeat over here.

    ♬ Long Run (feat. Nina Nesbitt) - Deacon & Nina Nesbitt

    3. Will Smith was pretty much every single one of us trying to face 2020:


    ME: / 2020: 📹 @maxymaxmax

    ♬ original sound - willsmith

    4. Troye Sivan reacted to this exquisite creation inspired by his "Easy" look:


    @hayleyelizabethmua gag this is so sickening on you

    ♬ Easy - Troye Sivan

    5. Steve Harvey gave us a delightful little poem:


    #Swagger #steveHarvey

    ♬ original sound - steveharvey

    6. Vanessa Hudgens was a ~potato~:



    ♬ ShiloPotato - kaylahaynes614

    7. Jason Derulo proved once and for all that he does NOT use "Beauty Mode":


    What’s beauty mode?

    ♬ Careless Whisper - Crimson Ensemble

    8. Jordan Fisher had an extreeeeeeemely important message for all those TikTokers out there:



    ♬ original sound - myricaljanee

    9. Lizzo proved that she can absolutely rock green hair:


    You’ve now reached ~alt Lizzo tiktok~... stay awhile🧚🏾

    ♬ Black and Fine Challenge - thereallifemannequin

    10. Millie Bobby Brown performed her own interpretive dance:


    duet me pls @noahschnapp

    ♬ original sound - audiosforacting

    11. Giada De Laurentiis gave us an avocado rose tutorial, so now your toast will always be ~cute~:


    #avocadorose caprese style! #howto #summerproject #tiktoktaughtme

    ♬ Summer Days - Wayne Garrett

    12. Lilly Singh channeled her inner J.Lo:


    Low key almost tripped at the end but forever trying to be @jlo 😫 #WorldOfDanceAgain challenge @nbcworldofdance #LillyFromTheBlock

    ♬ Dance Again – Chop Jones Remix - jlo

    13. BTS celebrated their new music video, "Stay Gold":



    ♬ Stay Gold - BTS

    14. Paris Hilton showed off all the different outfits she'd wear:


    Choose Your Character: Paris Hilton Edition 💕 Which Paris character would you choose? #WhatIdWear #SimpleLife ParisForPresident #Sliving #DJ ✨👸🏼✨

    ♬ Stunnin' (feat. Harm Franklin) - Curtis Waters

    15. Addison Rae taught Scott Disick how to dance:


    ♬ Stay in my arms - Øøf._.Mäÿ

    16. Avani Gregg dyed her hair purple:


    I DID IT I DYED IT PURPLE. thank you @hairby_chrissy <33 (i was inspired by @heir.of.atticus hair)<>> ♬ original sound - leahsuh

    17. Lil Yachty showed off his funky brand-new couch:


    If ur curious it was 20k 🤑 #fyp #foryoupage

    ♬ original sound - lilyachty

    18. And finally, Charli D'Amelio proved you can still look cute even while recovering from surgery:



    ♬ S and M rihanna - amelia.maee

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