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14 Celebrities Who Opened Up About Being Under The Influence Of Alcohol Or Drugs While Working On Their TV Shows And Movies

Dominic Fike almost got fired from Euphoria because of his drug use on set: "It was really bad."

Some examples deal with topics of alcohol and drug addiction. 

1. Dominic Fike shared that he almost got fired from Euphoria because of his drug use on set. “I was so fucked up during a lot of that show. It was really bad," he told Zane Lowe.

Closeup of Dominic Fike

2. Bobby Lee recalled being "so high and drunk" on the set of And Just Like That... that he could barely read his script or say his lines.

Closeup of Bobby Lee

3. Margot Robbie was so nervous about filming a nude scene in The Wolf of Wall Street that a crew member found a bottle of tequila to drink. She did three shots before shooting the scene to calm her nerves.

Closeup of Margot Robbie

4. Joey King got "violently high" on the last day of filming The Kissing Booth trilogy, after taking an edible from her costar Taylor Zakhar Perez.

Closeup of Joey King

5. Drake revealed that he had gotten high right before his audition for Degrassi: The Next Generation, and added that he did it because he succumbed to peer pressure.

Closeup of Drake

6. Anna Kendrick shared that during a scene in Drinking Buddies, she didn't realize she was given real beer to drink until she was "super drunk."

Closeup of Anna Kendrick

7. Martin Sheen said that he was "dangerously drunk" while filming Apocalypse Now that he "could hardly stand up."

Closeup of Martin Sheen

8. Carrie Fisher revealed that she did cocaine on the set of Star Wars: Episode V — The Empire Strikes Back.

Closeup of Carrie Fisher

9. Jennifer Lawrence said she got "really, really drunk" to prepare for a sex scene with Chris Pratt in Passengers, but then, her drinking led to even more anxiety about the scene.

Closeup of Jennifer Lawrence

10. Billy Bob Thornton has revealed that he's been drunk on set a few times, and several more times hungover. One time, in particular, was for a scene in Bad Santa when his character had a meltdown. "I do have a method actor aspect to myself," he said.

Closeup of Billy Bob Thornton

11. Daniel Radcliffe said that while he never drank alcohol on the Harry Potter set, there are some scenes that he filmed while he was "still drunk" from the night before.

Closeup of Daniel Radcliffe

12. Cate Blanchett actually got drunk with Sarah Paulson while filming a car scene in the movie Carol. Sarah even joked that she was "slightly more [drunk]" than Cate was.

Closeup of Sarah Paulson and Cate Blanchett

13. John Leguizamo "drank a lot between takes" on Super Mario Brothers because he and his cast-mates "were all miserable."

Closeup of John Leguizamo

14. Finally, Robert Pattinson shared that any time in The Lighthouse when his character was drunk, he was “basically unconscious the whole time” in real life, too.

Closeup of Robert Pattinson