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The Benefits Of Ballroom Dancing,Told By Animals

These dancing animals know the right steps to a healthy heart, firm bod, and sharp mind.

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Your heart loves it


Hop off that treadmill and slide on some heels. With all of the twists, dips and turns of ballroom dancing, this 'moderate activity' gets your heart pumping. Doctors suggest adults get 30 minutes of it a day.

It tones your bod


Want to firm up your physique? Forget the squats. Dances like the foxtrot and waltz, which have the women taking long BACKWARD strides, work the legs and bottom. These types of dances also improve your flexibility and endurance!

It strengthens your brain power


Ballroom dancing not only works your heart and muscles, but also your brain! Studies show that this activity keeps you sharp by having you memorize dance steps, count beats in a song, and work with a dancing partner.

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