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20 Thoughts You Have During Your Long Commute To Work

Everyone on this highway is an idiot. Except me.

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1. Whoah, sir, you're getting way too close to my car.

2. I swear, if your metal machine even taps my metal machine, we are gonna have a brawl.

3. Move it, Kia Optima, I got places to be!

4. Go back to driving school, you f***ing piece of s**t!

5. Whoah, almost lost my cool there.

6. Road rage ain't pretty on you.

7. Why am I always behind the slowest person on the highway?

8. Move it, Kia Optima, I got places to be!

9. Alllllright, Slowy McSlowerson, ya need to scoot on over to the granny lane.

10. HA, you can tail me all you want, Honda Civic, I ain’t movin' to the granny lane.


11. Slow down, Speedy McSpeederson, it’s not a race!

12. Wow, guy in really shitty, beat up car blasting music, how did you KNOW that I wanted to hear this really loud rap song? Please, make it louder!

13. Shit, shit, shit, there is a cop chillin’ in shoulder lane.

14. I’m obeying the speed limit-ish.

15. OK, he’s not following me, we’re goooood to goooo.

16. Traffic, traffic, lookin’ for my chapstick feelin’ kinda carsick

17. Ugh, how much longer until everyone has a flying car?

18. Wait, no, air car crashes sound awful.

19. Eyes...getting...heavy. Must close them for five seconds.

20. OMG I just had a great idea…but I have nowhere to write it down. SHIT.

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