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The Drinking Game That Would Have Gotten You Hammered New Year's Eve

If you watched any of Dick Clark's New Year's Rockin' Eve then you know there was a great opportunity for some "New Year's cheer." Here's the drinking game that we definitely should not have tried. Because we wouldn't have remembered any of the great OneDirection performances or the video premiere. So drink EVERY TIME...

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1. You heard someone say (or said it yourself) who is that? or am I supposed to know who that is? (talking about Jenny McCarthy.)

2. Ryan Seacrest talks about the "energy" or "excitement."

3. Fergie slaps herself with her hair.

4. Someone is shown dancing off beat or singing the wrong lyrics.

5. Jenny McCarthy says something uncomfortable or not appropriate for television.

6. The uncomfortable selfie.

7. You felt guilted by Planet Fitness to go to the gym.

8. You hear a countdown and realize the crowd was counting down the hour, not the New Year.

9. You change the channel to Pitbull's New Year's Revolution or whatever is playing on NBC.

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