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25 Primary School Memories

Because life has never been simpler, yet so confusing.

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3. Struggling to get up for school, yet being up sh*t hot on a weekend to deprive your parents of a lie-in

And, more importantly, you couldn't miss a single second of ace Saturday morning TV. Recess, Sabrina The Teenage Witch and Dick & Dom In Da Bungalow? I'll take my toast and jam to go, mum.

9. Thinking that the gym apparatus-thingy seemed a bit OTT for something you used maybe twice in your whole primary education

How did we even manage that scary contraption barefoot? And don't even get me STARTED on those ropes we were supposed to climb up.

10. Accepting that you'd lost all of your street-cred after getting caught dicking about and having to hold the dinner ladies hand over playtime

And spending the whole time giving your mates the side-eye as they got on with their game as if you NEVER EVEN EXISTED.

21. School dinners

(Before this prick came along and ruined everything)

Turkey twizzlers, smiley faces and semolina.

Somebody should have warned us that this was the only time in our life when we could enjoy desert in the middle of the day without feeling ashamed.

22. Forbidden fun

Deep in the dark depths of the janitors closet was a box full of confiscated toys. Aliens, jelly hands, scoobies... you were convinced that he took them so he could have all of the fun for himself.

24. The school disco

The boys sporting far too much hair gel, the girls breaking out those massive makeup kits with all of the glittery eye shadows. You'd have big plans that you'd end the night dancing with your crush, but they'd end up ignoring you all night, doing knee-skids with their mates.


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