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20 Things That Happen To Girls After A Breakup

We're happy, free, confused and lonely at the same time!

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1. We come up with a new name for the guy who broke our heart. He will now only be called this from now on.

2. After we have established a name, we wallow. Wallowing is the most important part of the healing process.

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Cry to at least one Taylor Swift song or your breakup didn't happen!

3. We tell everyone around us that we are doing just fine. Seriously, we're great! Never been better.

4. To prove just how wonderful we're doing, we cut our hair because after a breakup means the start of a new era!

Ladies, we regret the breakup hair cut 100% of the time. It's scientifically proven.

Ladies, we regret the breakup hair cut 100% of the time. It's scientifically proven.

5. Even if we aren't that crazy about our new look, we still rock it because it makes us feel like a new person.

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"You better werk bitch!"

6. We now go out with our girls all the time and realize how much fun/annoying it really is.

7. Our new past time consists of drinking copious amounts of alcohol and seeing just where it will take us.

8. Sadly, a majority of the time it will most likely put us in a state like this...

9. Or sometimes the night takes a turn and we channel our inner Kim Kardashian ugly cry and just let everything out.

10. After that little episode we decide to never act that ridiculous ever again.

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11. We have to relearn how to interact with the opposite sex. It's harder then it looks.

12. Our friends try to teach us but we don't catch on.

13. Somehow we are able to dig up whatever flirting skills that were buried and it leads us to a moment like this.

14. Naturally we will make out with this person and it's not the pretty kind.

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15. The next morning, the events from the previous night start to trickle back and we realize we had a sloppy hook-up with this person.

16. "Buh bye, maybe I'll see you next weekend...yeah, no please-I'll text you first!"


*Insert eyeball roll here*

17. It's hard for us to admit but that night turns out to be groundbreaking. We are back in the game baby. Bring it on.

18. After that we feel as though we can go out and accomplish anything.

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19. We also become open to new ideas and start taking advantage of opportunities that we have once surpassed us because we were, "tied down".

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20. As time passes, we learn to let go of the past and learn to create a better version of ourselves.

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