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17 Thoughts Everyone Has When Buying College Textbooks

If the tuition didn't already kill you, the books will.

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1. Back to school means one thing...your bank account is about to take a huge hit.

2. Its taking a hit because you have to buy those things called textbooks. When you look at your book list and see titles like, "Understanding Quantum Physics," this is your only reaction.

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"But...but...I'm just an english major," you tell yourself through the tears.

3. You then see that the book for the class that really means nothing to you is gonna cost you some serious doll hairs. 172 bucks for just one book??

4. You then decide that your professor had this thought process when deciding which book to assign to the class.

5. You look past it and start trolling book rental sites. Turns out Chegg offers the book for more then half the price.

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6. You feel as though you hit the jackpot because you found the book so cheap.

7. Yeah, thats right. You're saving some serious cash. Take that quantum physics!!

8. Oh but wait, that was just one book. You also need to get 10 more. Each well over 50 bucks a pop.

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9. Goodbye extra money for alcohol.

10. You decide that trolling rental websites for more "deals" is nothing but a waste of time and energy.

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"I'm really only saving three dollars anyway," you tell your lazy self.

11. You find out that some books are cheaper to get from the college bookstore. And guess what you can just pick them up when you get there! Its like one stop shopping!

12. LIES. Turns out the bookstore actually has the book you need on back order...and you won't be getting it for about three more weeks.

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Note: This will be the book you need the first week of class. It always is.

13. You reach a point where you don't care anymore. In fact, you don't even want to read the damn book. You are fine being unprepared.

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After all, being unprepared is actually cheaper.

14. You decide that when your professor asks why you are unprepared, you will just pull this line on them.

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15. You then realize you are an adult and being unprepared is actually considered, "irresponsible." You find the book no matter how hard it is.

16. Finally, you have all the books you need. You are now fully prepared and are basically on the road to success

17. Now crack open that book and read like a boss. Do well so you can get a good job and pretend like losing all that money never happened!


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