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13 Signs You're Still Emotional About The "Parenthood" Series Finale

"May God bless and keep you always. May your wishes..." Oh my god, why am I still crying?

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1. You have been lying to everyone, especially yourself, that the finale did not take an emotional toll on your soul.

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*Through the sobs* "It was just so perfect!"

2. The fact that Sarah is now happily married and extremely close with her children warms your heart because for a long time things were really rough.

3. The entire scene between Zeek and his "favorite" child makes you want to curl up on the floor and cry.

4. Your heart still sinks when you think of this scene.


They prepared us but that doesn't mean it didn't hurt.

5. You believe in true love again because Joel and Julia are back together and disgustingly happy.

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6. You still can't get over that they adopted Victor's biological baby sister even though they have ANOTHER baby down the road. Also they got an adorable puppy.

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But let's be honest. Sydney can't be too thrilled about all of this.

7. Zeek wanted to take Millie to France so badly and she finally got to go. On her own. Without Zeek. She did it for him.

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*Sobbing profusely* "Its just so beautiful"

8. You can't believe Amber ended up marrying Jason Street...JASON STREET!!

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FNL fans-your jaw probably still drops at the sight or thought of this.

9. The thought of Ryan looking cleaned up, a father to Zeek, and getting along with Amber and her new hubby brings the biggest smile to your face.

10. You feel so much joy that Crosby relaunched the Luncheonette and that the studio is successful. Follow your dreams, Crosby!

11. After years of watching Adam and Christina face challenges with Max, you feel just as proud as they do when he graduates high school.

12. When Max hugs Nora tight you tear up because Max has grown so much as a person.

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The Bravermans love to hug. Max hated hugging. It's a breakthrough moment people!

13. When you think of the Bravermans walking off the baseball field you can't believe how perfect the ending is and how you want to watch it again and again.

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