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12 Heartbreaking Stages Of A "Bachelor" Breakup

You spent months watching them find "true love" on TV only have your heart stomped on when they split up. We should all be used to this by now, no?

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1. We all know how this story goes. Boy likes girl, girl likes boy. They fall in love on TV, get engaged and millions of people become invested.

2. Their love was so beautiful and perfect that even small children most likely shed a tear.

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I mean, this is TRUE LOVE!

3. Fans cheer once that ring is on her finger! We end the season with happy thoughts and prospects for a wedding and babies.

4. Like a good fangirl/fanboy, you follow them on all social media sites so you can continue to follow their relationship "after the cameras stop rolling."

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5. Everything is going well, until that day you come across a headline that all of "Bachelor Nation" knows too well.

6. Splitsville... but we all thought these two were going to really make it. We had hope.

7. You contact everyone else in your life that cares about this and this is the only reaction they have...

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You're blindsided by this, not that blindsided, but still.

8. You spend the next hour or so having a conversation that sounds a lot like this...

YouTube / Via

9. People outside of "Bachelor Nation" will never understand the pain we all go through during the breakup of our favorite couple.

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We face at least two breakups a year. It's a lot of pain on our little reality TV hearts.

10. You decide to go through old Instagrams of the two during what seemed like happier times and continue to grovel in the pain of lost love.

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11. You have a moment of silence for the beautiful Neil Lane ring that will be returned to a small black box and never see the light of day again.


It's the innocent one's that are hurt the most.

12. We let go of our dreams for another TV wedding and everything to follow. Deep breaths...this will pass.

Alright Chris Harrison, we get it. Its over. At least we have Prince Farming.

Alright Chris Harrison, we get it. Its over. At least we have Prince Farming.

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