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    20 Vietnamese Foods You Need To Try Now

    Author of My Vietnamese Kitchen and contributor to Jamie Oliver's FoodTube, Uyen Luu, shares her favourite Vietnamese dishes.

    1. Pho Bo (beef Pho) and Pho Ga (chicken Pho)

    2. Bun Bo Hue

    3. Congee - chao

    4. Summer rolls - Goi Cuon

    5. Fried tilapia with mango - Ca Chien

    Uyen Luu / Via

    "Delicious in every sense, crispy fish with sour mango and a sweet, hot and savoury dressing".


    6. Bo Kho

    7. Stir fried noodles with beef - Pho Bo Xao

    8. Egg pudding with minced pork and wood ear mushroom

    9. Mien Ga - chicken with mung bean noodle soup

    10. Bun Rieu - seafood noodle soup with tomato and egg

    11. Bun Thit Nuong - Grilled pork noodle salad

    Uyen Luu / Via

    "This is the smell and fantastic flavour of Saigon at lunch time. Perfection in a lunch bowl".


    12. Hu Tieu Nam Vang - southern noodle soup with pork and prawns

    13. Canh Chua with fish

    14. Banh Bao - steamed bun

    15. Crispy pork belly with Banh Hoi

    16. Caramelised fish in coconut water - Ca Kho

    17. Chicken salad with onion pickle - Goi Ga

    Uyen Luu / Via

    "Get the dressing right and well balanced, this is what the Vietnamese flavour is all about".


    18. Banh Mi

    19. Fish cakes

    20. Banh Xeo - crepes

    Uyen Luu / Via

    "To enjoy it, wrap inside a salad leaf with tonnes of herbs! Fried, crispy, light, gluten and egg free. Healthy without meaning to be - esp if you use coconut oil to fry".


    Follow @loveleluu on Instagram for more Vietnamese recipe inspiration, and cook them yourself with her book, My Vietnamese Kitchen.

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