Women Have Been Sharing Pictures Of Themselves Eating Cake After A Troll Tried To Fat-Shame A Blogger

    Jenny Rushmore says she's seen an "overwhelming tide of support and positivity and public cake eating".

    When Cashmerette blogger Jenny Rushmore shared a picture of a swimsuit she was designing from her "curvy sketchbook", she experienced some all-too-familiar trolling.

    But when Rushmore mentioned the incident in this Instagram post using the hashtag #CakeWithCashmerette, something amazing happened.

    Women on Instagram responded to Rushmore's picture by posting pictures of themselves proudly eating cake and dessert, also using the hashtag.

    Instagram user sarajoliesews said "sorry someone tried to rain on your parade! You are beautiful!" as she shared her support.

    "Body shaming of any type is NEVER EVER ok," Instagram user alysonclair said.

    User ddisciplines added the hashtag #FuckBodyShaming to her post.

    As support continues to pour in, Rushmore is reblogging the pictures on her Instagram account.

    In her blog post, Rushmore said the barrage of #CakeWithCashmerette pictures is a "definitive UP YOURS to fat-shaming, body-policing anonymous people out there".