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    19 Fabulous And Bizarre Costumes From The London Sevens

    Twickenham went galactic for the fancy dress finale of the Rugby Sevens World Series.

    1. This "cheeky" gang of Stormtroopers.

    Cheeky day at twickers! @Official_RFU #theforceisstrong @WorldRugby7s #London7s

    2. This eery Yoda.

    3. This day-trippin' Jabba.

    Jabba the Hut loving this journey today! @SW_Trains #London7s

    4. This sinister spectator.

    5. The trio who reached for the Moon.

    6. The dark side of the galaxy.

    7. The girl who made watching rugby look glamourous.

    8. This seductive space-lad.

    9. The Power Rangers who played fast and loose with the space theme.

    10. This political joker.

    very british sense of humour #ukip #gohome #london7s

    11. This DGAF Princess Leia.

    12. Outer-space's answer to a pantomime horse.

    Best outfit so far ATAT Walker #London7s

    13. These '90s nostalgists.

    @WorldRugby7s #London7s #SpaceJam #TuneSquadvMonStars

    On point sports theme.

    14. Dr Zoidberg.

    15. The guy who wants a word with whoever told him the theme was "Mexican".

    16. This terrifying Trekkie.

    17. The proudest Jabba of them all.

    18. Wayne Rooney.

    19. And the Stormtrooper for whom it was all a little too much.

    He sleeps ? Shame !! Bad StarmStroopers !! #London7s

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