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26 People Who Got Shittier Christmas Gifts Than You

Lynx Africa, Club biscuits and dog poo bags ruined a lot of people's days.

1. The guy who took "Corrie Christmas special" to the next level.

Personalised Gail Platt phone case #MyWorstChristmasPresent

2. The person whose family think they might get lucky this Christmas.

My brother and I both got condoms in our stockings- Christmas is ruined

3. And the one whose family think they definitely won't.

4. The mouse-mat recipient for whom things were a little bit too real.

New mouse mat #MyWorstChristmasPresent

5. The dog-owner who got a seriously shit gift.

This was a genuine Christmas present to Pauline from her friend....poo bags!!!! #WorstGiftEver

6. The woman whose mum secretly wants her to be a stripper.

When your mom says she bought you "The perfect gift." #fail

7. This quids-in kid who probably would have preferred a bank transfer.

#WorstGiftEver prob can buy 3 days worth of @Starbucks or will never ever run out of #ballmarkers #golfequipment

8. The person who seems to be more in the "hate" camp.

@MickCondon Toast rack. From the charity shop complete with dust in the toast holes. #WorstGiftEver

9. The unlucky sod who didn't exactly clean up this Christmas.

10. The person who was left with a bad taste in their mouth this Christmas.

11. The sad soul whose present was the wrong way around.

12. The person who clearly does not like a lot of chocolate on their Christmas.

My brother thought it'd be funny to wrap a club bar in 7 different sized boxes.. #myworstchristmaspresent

13. The girl whose grandmother is full of hot air.

14. The poor bastard who was trolled hard by their brother.

@TheLadBible #MyWorstChristmasPresent took my brother an hour and 40 mins to unwrap his potato

15. The woman who will at least be able to stay in control of a Christmas food baby.

16. This veg-hater who got a gift that keeps on giving.

17. The person who is pretty confused about electrical appliances.

18. All the people who had their Lynx Africa collections replenished.

unpacking my presents, I think my family is trying to tell me I stink 😦🙈 #christmaspresent #xmaspresent

19. Every...

I thought "I've got another Lynx Africa set again" but hang on, THERE'S A PHONE CHARGER WITH IT?!#LynxUppedTheirGame

20. Single...

Pappa Paul enjoying this year's most sort after gift #LynxAfrica

21. One...

It was going to happen at some point. #LynxAfrica

22. Of...

another Lynx Africa set, love it guys

23. Them...

When you open your 5th Lynx Africa gift set of the day

24. Except for this poor guy.

You know it's gonna be bad for presents when you don't even get the Lynx Africa set 😂🎅🏻❤️ Snapchat - mitch5clarke

25. Although some people, at least, seemed pleased.


26. SUPER pleased.

So happy with my Lynx Africa set that I brought it pub with me