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    18 Reasons To Run Away To The Isle Of Skye

    Skye larks.

    1. Pretend you're a Viking on the boat out to the island.


    Vikings had ferries, right?

    2. Feel mystical at the fairy glen.

    Walking Highlands / Via

    There's fairies in them there hills.

    3. Swim in the fairy pools.

    Laura Silver

    Little lagoons of natural wonder speckled down the Cuillin mountains. Cold, but worth it.

    4. Clamber over old-as-dinosaurs rocks at Staffin Bay.

    Laura Silver

    5. And if the tide's out at Staffin you can see dinosaur footprints.

    bawest/ / Via

    ACTUAL IRL DINOSAUR FOOTPRINTS!!! Fossilised in the rock.

    6. Take a jungle walk around Portree.

    Laura Silver

    Head up the hill behind the hospital and you'll find Skye is more Jurassic than you thought it was.

    7. Marvel at The Old Man of Storr.

    rechitansorin/ Thinkstock

    The most Lord of the Rings thing on the island - both in name and view.

    8. Watch whiskey-making in action at the Talisker Distillery.

    Wikipedia / Via

    Make sure you have a wee dram or two.

    9. Be the only person on the beach at Talisker bay.

    Laura Silver

    You'll be blown away if the sun comes out on this volcanic sand beach too.

    10. Fill up on seafood and whiskey at The Old Inn in Carbost.

    Ross Young/ Creative Commons

    Just over the road from the Talisker distillery you can continue to sample their wares at The Old Inn, where you can also get a plate full of locally caught seafood.

    11. Watch wild dolphins swim in Portree Harbour.

    Laura Silver

    Take a boat trip at the harbour and you might just see wild eagles too.

    12. Cook a catch of the day from The Oyster Shed.


    Lobsters and langoustines for less than a tenner, and of course, fresh oysters galore.

    13. Visit Dunvegan Castle.

    Stephen Martin/Thinkstock

    Because what's a Scottish holiday without a trip to a castle?

    14. Eat all of the seafood at Seabreezes.

    gemenacom/ Thinkstock

    If it swims nearby, Sea Breezes is serving it (not the Dolphins, mind), and you won't get better for a fancy dinner out.

    15. Look out to the end of the earth from the ruins of Duntulm castle.

    Laura Silver

    Legend has it an heir to an ancient throne was dropped onto the rocks from this very window.

    16. Drive along the spectacular Quiraing Mountain Pass.


    Pale underwear not recommended.

    17. Be mesmerised by the waterfall over Kilt Rock.


    The UK's very own Niagara.

    18. Witness incredible close-to-midnight sunsets.

    Laura Silver

    Skye is light for almost 24 hours during the summer and seeing a sunset after bedtime will spin you right out.

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