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22 Secrets McDonald's Employees Will Never Tell You

Would you like fries with that?

1. Big Mac sauce is said to contain all the flavour in a Big Mac, except the beef.

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And there's supposed to be a slice of pickle in every bite. Soz, gherkin haters.

2. It's really hard to feel good about yourself in a hairnet.

3. The rest of the uniform's not much of a confidence booster either.

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Those high-waisted trousers 😿.

4. People seem to get off on asking you how many stars you have.

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You'd have 25 stars for not punching people who ask you stupid questions if badge stars were even still a thing.

5. But not as much as they'll enjoy telling you how chicken nuggets are really made.

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6. You look forward to being put on the dining area shift because it allows ample opportunity for hiding in the toilets.

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"I'm just checking them".

7. It takes less than 30 seconds to cook a McDonald's burger patty from frozen.

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8. And there's no such thing as "flipping" burgers, because they're cooked from both sides at once.


They go in a grill like a giant George Foreman.

9. There's nothing like the pain of burning your fingers every time you try to fish out a bun that's stuck to the toaster.

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10. Except for the agony of catching your elbow on the corner of a chip pan when you tip out a fresh batch of fries.

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11. You'll spend your entire shift snaffling fries on the sly when you think nobody's looking.

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12. Or sometimes the odd chicken nugget if you're lucky.

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13. But then still eat the entire food allowance for your shift when your break comes around.

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14. You dread your shift coinciding with pub closing time because that's when you get the worst weirdos.

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15. You'll always get some chump ordering "a Big Mac, plain, but with ketchup".

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So, not a Big Mac, then. A Big Mac doesn't even have ketchup!

16. This:

"@iserveMcdonalds: can I get a #1 meal? Me: okay, what kind of drink? Customer: no drink Me: okay so you don't want the meal" #mylife

17. You find yourself deliberately ignoring customers who shout, "Helloooooo" into the drive-thru speaker if you don't take their order within half a second.

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18. You dread anyone ordering a Filet-O-Fish because you'll have to cook it to order every time.

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Because who the eff ever orders a Filet-O-Fish?

19. Especially if you wear glasses, because steaming the bun will cloud them right up.

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20. Trying not to lose patience with people who wait until they're at the front of a long queue to decide what they want is a serious test.

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21. Not quite as much as being polite to customers who complain about not having fresh fries, and then complain about waiting for fresh fries to cook, though.

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22. But it's mostly worth putting up with, because free burgers!

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And of course, money and a job.

The Big Mac sauce reputedly contains all the flavours of a Big Mac except for beef. A previous version of this post stated that it the sauce contains the same ingredients as a Big Mac.