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19 Things You Did In Secondary School That Would Get You Sacked At Work

Snogging and drawing biro tattoos? Get out

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3. Being really blatant about not doing any work.

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If your grades are bad at school it's your problem, but your boss at work might see it differently if instead of working you spend your time wondering whether you like Nirvana or Pearl Jam more.


6. Scratching "important thoughts" into your desk.

Sticking it to the man in the office is rarely considered cool or funny.


9. Only eating food from the vending machine.

That sugar rush-and-crash really takes its toll on an oldie.

10. Asking a superior if you can go to the toilet.

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Making light of your bathroom trips not only looks weird when you're older, but will highlight just how frequent those snooze-in-a-stall breaks you take actually are.

11. Drawing "biro tattoos" on your arms when you're bored.

Certain to raise eyebrows in the grown-up world.


14. Tippexing all over your mate's bag.

Not on that expensive calf-skin, thank you very much.

15. Drawing dicks on things.

Funny in textbooks, probably sackable in powerpoint presentations.