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    This Chip Shop Has Created The Ultimate Post-Pub Snack

    Can't decide between a chippy-tea or a Maccy's? You can get a MacDoner instead.

    This is the MacDoner: a Big Mac encased in a pound of doner kebab meat, before being battered and deep fried.

    Cavendish / Cavendish Press

    The burger and kebab hybrid is the creation of John Clarkson, owner of Mister Eater Fish and Chips in Preston, who dreamt it up the after witnessing a dispute between two teenage boys in his shop.

    Facebook / Via Facebook: MisterEaters

    Clarkson told BuzzFeed: "Two boys of around 15 and 16 were in the shop last week arguing because one wanted McDonald's and one wanted a kebab, and it gave me an idea. I picked up a Big Mac on the way home, wrapped it in rolled-out raw doner meat, battered and deep fried it, and the rest is history!"

    The meaty creation will go on sale at Mister Eaters this week and is likely to cost around £6 or £7, Clarkson told us. "It's big though – you've got about a pound of doner meat in there so you'd want to share it. You probably couldn't eat it alone," he added.

    Clarkson's Preston chip shop first came to wider attention after he created the world's biggest deep-fried Ferrero Rocher.

    Facebook / Via Facebook: MisterEaters

    Unfortunately, "we're not allowed to sell them any more," Clarkson told us. "Ferero Rocher said they’d sue."

    "I must be in the press for my specials at least once a month," Clarkson said. "People are always coming in and asking me for new things, otherwise I'd stop!"

    At Easter, Clarkson deep fries Creme Eggs.

    Facebook / Via Facebook: MisterEaters

    85p each!

    He's done hot crispy Jaffa Cakes.

    Facebook / Via Facebook: MisterEaters

    Naturally, he does savoury stuff too, including a deep-fried mini Babybel or deep-fried Peperami.

    There's deep fried pies, which he says is "one of [regular customer] 'Geordie Alan's' favourite chippy teas."

    Facebook / Via Facebook: MisterEaters

    Battered pickled eggs? Why not, eh?

    Facebook / Via Facebook: MisterEaters

    Other specialities include the "Chippy Whippy Cone."

    Facebook / Via Facebook: MisterEaters

    That's a battered sausage meat cone filled with mashed potato and sausages, to the unacquainted.

    And there's also the "Battersea Dog's Cone," a battered stick of lamb doner, nestled in a cone of chips.

    Facebook / Via Facebook: MisterEaters

    "Sticking the doner dog in a cone was a practical decision," Clarkson told us. "That way all the juice runs out into the chips rather than all over your hands."

    Clarkson honours the classics too, with specials like this fish, chips and mushy peas barm.

    Facebook / Via Facebook: MisterEaters

    And of course, good old cod and chips.

    Facebook / Via Facebook: MisterEaters

    "It's just a bit of fun really," Clarkson said. "It makes people smile, and that's what it’s all about."

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