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If You Combine The Queen And Winston Churchill You Get Frasier

It's uncanny.

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What do the Queen, former British prime minister Winston Churchill, and American actor Kelsey Grammer have in common?

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If you merge the faces of the Queen and Churchill, the Frasier star will appear before your very eyes.

Old £5 note + New £5 note = @KelseyGrammer

Churchill's face was added to the new polymer £5 notes that were introduced earlier this year. The Queen's face features on the other side, as indeed it does on all UK notes.

Twitter user Miles Hamer discovered you could make Kelsey by folding a new fiver and placing the top half of Churchill's face over the Queen.

Some people saw Churchill transformed into other politicians, including Chris Grayling and Stephen Kinnock.

Whereas this guy thought he looked like Grant from EastEnders.

But most agreed it looked like Kelsey Grammer.

Hamer told BuzzFeed News he decided to merge the notes because "I am a massive child and knew some sort of combination would make a famous face".

He was pleased he got Kelsey Grammer. "As a huge Frasier fan, he's the only Republican I can forgive, and actively like," he said.

So there you go. You can have Frasier Crane in your pocket for as little as a tenner.

Laura Silver is a reporter for BuzzFeed News and is based in London.

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