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18 Utterly British Ways To See In Spring

Crack out a gin-can and a 99 in the rain the second the clocks change.

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1. Moan about how early Easter Eggs have arrived in the supermarket.

It's only March and they are already selling easter eggs what are you doing supermarket .-. #really #why

2. But then smash as many Cadbury's Cream Eggs into your face as you can handle.

3. Defiantly take a trip to the coast in the rain.

Matt Cardy / Getty Images

4. Or how about heading to the countryside, which is definitely not cold and muddy?

5. Eat a 99 or portion of chips on the beach the second the clocks change.

Or both, YOLO.

6. Post sarcastic selfies about "this lovely weather we're having."

7. Complain incessantly that it's rainy rather than sunny even though, Britain.

8. Drink a can of booze in a park.

Whatever the weather, gin-can season is upon us.

9. Shiver your way through at least one pint in the beer garden before retreating into the pub.

Not before you've Instagrammed it, of course.

10. Or if you're at home, drink rosé and drink it in the back garden.

11. Fill your house with £1 bunches of daffodils from the supermarket.

12. Stoically refuse to wear a coat until October, even if it's cold.

13. Tights can GTF until at least next Christmas too.

14. Watch some Morris dancers tear your local high street a new one.

15. Eat a hot cross bun with loads of butter.

16. Insist that the weather's definitely "turned."

Mr_twister / Getty Images

17. Outright refuse to use the central heating until September.

Today, I have decided, is the day the central heating is turned off *awaits abuse from friends as cold snap descends on Birmingham* #fb

Or at least until it inevitably goes cold again.

18. Go on holiday to Spain so you can actually get some sun.